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Zulrah has arrived to Old School RuneScape! Residing in the toxic Poison Waste, the people in the small village of Zul-Andra worship it as their god, and offer regular sacrifices to it. By speaking to the High Priestess, you can offer yourself as a sacrifice, and fight Zulrah. This giant serpent won't go down easy; it has a plethora of moves to keep you on your toes!

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If you manage to defeat Zulrah, rewards await you: the serpentine visage, used to make the strongest helmet in the game, the magic fang, used to enhance the staff of the dead and trident of the seas, and the tanzanite fang, used to create the toxic blowpipe. All these powerful equipment will need to be charged with Zulrah's scales. In addition, its scales can be used to enhance antipoisons to cure its deadly venom.

Zulrah awaits; will you defeat it, or become the sacrifice Zul-Andra so desperately needs?

- The Old School RuneScape Wiki Team

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