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This week, Old School RuneScape sees a lot of minor updates; But don't underestimate them; They make a huge impact!

Well of Goodwill

Well of Goodwill: Feeling charitable? From November 1st, 0:01 GMT, you can donate in game wealth to a charity of your choice, using the Well of Goodwill. It can be found right by the Varrock west bank.

Tip fedora

Teleport to Target: This handy dandy new reward scroll will teach you how to teleport you to your Bounty Hunter target. The scroll is tradeable, meaning you can pawn it off from someone if you have enough gold, if you'd like. One rune of death, chaos and law is required to cast this spell, along with a Magic level of 85.

Patch note spotlight: The Skillcape emote icon now lights up for Quest point cape owners.

Fedora Tip: Last, but certainly not least, is Mod Alfred's last contribution to the game; a quaint emote useable with the Fedora. Right click it while it's equipped to show the world that you're high society.

That's all for this week! Come back soon.

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  • The Old School RuneScape Wiki now has a Twitter account! Follow @OSRSWiki today!
  • The Old School RuneScape Wiki now has a clan chat, OSRSW! Join "OSRSW" to engage with our budding community!
  • Credit to Cheesydude from Reddit's /r/2007scape for the workmark design!
  • Thanks to all the help from the editors so far; keep up the fantastic work. :)
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