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This page in a nutshell:
The wiki's official Clan Chat is OSRSW. Official worlds are Old School 41 for Old School RuneScape and World 41 for RuneScape 3. All rules and policies outlined by Jagex and by us apply to our Clan Chat.

Rules of the channel

Note: Clan chat is a part of the RuneScape game and disruptive behaviour in the channel is reportable. Users could end up with their RuneScape player account banned if they break the game rules. See the chat policies below.

Additional rules

The following rules have been offered, in addition to above, in forums, and other discussions. See here.

  1. All users must abide by the Runescape Code of Conduct with civility, respect and fairness, without questions or exceptions.
  2. No flaming. This is largely self-explanatory. There is absolutely no necessity to flame anyone. This includes discussions of users on the Wiki. Should you have something negative to say to or about someone, please discuss it outside of the clan chat.
  3. No spamming. Spamming is simply childish, and is unwelcome in our clan chat. This includes constant spam for the sole use of annoyance. However, we understand you may be excited when you level up or get a good item, and may wish to notify the clan chat when you do; please keep this to a minimum.
  4. Keep your conversations mature and remain cool-headed. It is understood that everybody has different political, religious, moral, social, etc. views. Discussing events or beliefs like this is okay, but is preferred to take place in private chat. Discussing politics in the clan chat is acceptable, with a few conditions. If other users ask you to please calm down or stop the discussion because it is getting out of hand, kindly do so. It is very easy for these kinds of discussions to quickly evolve into heated arguments. In short, please respect the wishes of others in the clan chat when discussing controversial topics.
  5. All users are to be treated fairly and equally. As every editor has equal status, so shall every clan chat member be equal. Just because one user has the ability to kick, does not make him or her an exception to the rules. He or she is expected to follow every rule, as is every other member of the clan chat.
  6. In the event a sysop's or bureaucrat's rights are removed from the wiki due to negative reasons, his or her rank shall also be removed. However, exceptions may be made in certain situations.
  7. Blocked users will be allowed to access the clan chat. The exception to this rule is when the block is for a violation of 2007scape Wiki:User treatment policy. Then, the user will be blocked from the clan chat for the same length as the wiki block.
  8. If a user asks you to stop using a language other than English, please do so. While all users are invited to the clan chat of any language, English is the main language spoken by the majority of our users. If a user feels that the use of any other language in the clan chat is limiting his or her ability to participate in the conversation, you are asked to take it to another clan chat or private chat. If you have read this far, here's a codephrase if you're asked for one: "It's just a flesh wound".
  9. If the current topic of discussion in the clan chat is becoming offensive or making you uncomfortable, please ask for it to stop. If a user asks for a topic change on this basis, please do so. Be reasonable and use common sense about what you ask to stop - this rule is not to be used as a sword to strike down legitimate topics you do not like, but as a shield to prevent possibly inflammatory or offensive discussions becoming so. Users should also be reasonable about what discussions they start in the first place.
    • Topics where this may come into play includes (but is not limited to): politics, religion, topics of a sexual nature, possibly offensive jokes, new quest spoilers, etc.
    • Note that, per above, the user treatment policy, and the RuneScape rule Respect (notably Inappropriate language or behaviour) always apply, and so discussions must not breach these rules.
    • If you are uncomfortable speaking up in the clan, contact a ranked user (ideally a general) via private message or otherwise to ask for a topic change.

Regarding the profanity filter

With the addition of the toggle for the profanity filter, possibly offensive words will not be censored if you turn it off. This means that there may well be offensive words said in the clan chat. The standard rules still apply - if the context warrants warnings and/or kicks (e.g. personally attacking someone), warnings and/or kicks will be given whether the censor is on or off for you or the rank giving the warning or kick, just as it does when no censored words are used at all. If you do not want to see offensive words, it is encouraged you follow Jagex's advice and not turn the filter off. The 2007scape Wiki takes no responsibility for its members using offensive words in the clan chat.

Handling rule-breakers

For a list of blocked users, see 2007scape Wiki:Clan Chat/Blocked names.

Below is a process of handling rule breakers and various trouble makers.

  1. Players may be given warnings, at the ranked users' discretion. Ranked users may use common sense where appropriate, but these should never be used to game the system.
  2. If a repeat offender starts breaking rules again report the past offenses to a ranked user, so it can be dealt with appropriately.
  3. Any serious repeat offender can and may be temporarily or permanently blocked from entering the chats. A list of such users is here.
    • Unless the user is only ever disruptive and rule-breaking, blocking in this way may require a discussion on the Watercooler for wider community input.
    • Users may be added to the clan banlist by any admin rank or higher, thus bannings are typically quicker for the clan chat.

The Clan Chat is open to all users

Users do not have to provide a name of their wiki account, nor must they be active users. Anonymous editors may join the clan chat if they wish. They should be encouraged to read our Clan Chat rules to avoid breaking them unintentionally.

However, each person may only have one account in the clan in the interests of space constraints. Alternate accounts are welcome to join as guests.

For further information detailing how to use and join a chat, please see this page.

What is a Clan Chat?

Clan chats (called Friends Chat in RuneScape 3) are an in-game group chat system. Users are free to join the clan chat at all times.

Joining a Clan chat

There are two ways to join the clan chat channel: joining as a guest, and joining the clan. All users are free to join the clan if they so wish - there is no requirement to join, as users can be a guest in the channel to talk.

Join as a guest
  1. Open the Clan chat interface: File:Clan chat button.png
  2. Click the join another clan chat channel button
  3. Enter "OSRSW" and press the enter key
  4. You can now talk in the clan chat channel using a slash and a f, followed by a space (/f )
Join the clan
  1. Contact any rank in the clan chat channel above recruit (advised to join as a guest first to see who is online and to arrange a meeting)
  2. When they meet you, they will invite you to the clan - accept this invitation
  3. You will automatically join the clan chat channel every time you log in - you can talk in the channel with a slash and a c, followed by a space (/c )


For a list of ranked players in the Clan Chat, see 2007scape Wiki:Clan Chat/Ranked names.

2007scape Wiki:Clan Chat/Rank descriptions

All ranks Sergeant and up can kick guests from the clan chat, and all ranks Corporal and up can invite new members to the clan chat. Due to the way that the clan chat system works, members of the clan chat cannot be kicked, but instead must be removed from the clan itself - only administrators and above can do this. If you are removed from the clan (or leave of your own accord), it is up to the ranks on whether you should be re-invited or not.

For further details on what each rank can and cannot do in the clan chat, see here.

For a detailed guide on what each rank is, and how to use the tools of each rank, see here.

Generals and above can also kicks users to prevent them from joining the clan chat.

Requests for a lieutenant rank are currently open. Requests for captain are currently open. To view the requests for rank page, please see this page. The administrator rank is given out to users who pass a request for adminship, where they also specify that they wish to be considered for a rank in the clan chat.

Clan space and activity

Due to the limited space in the clan chat (a maximum of 200 clanmates can be in the clan), there is a small activity requirement on being a part of the wiki's clan chat. The user must have been seen in the chat in the past month.

Periodically, the clan chat admins will compile a list of clanmates to be kicked. They will then make sure that this list is advertised so that people who use the clan chat but don't gain any experience are not kicked. Once a suitable period has elapsed (at least a week), the users are removed from the clan. A list of users who have been previously kicked may be found here. If you have read this far, here's a second passphrase if you're asked: "They say he grows his own parsnips".

If you are a member of the clan and know that you will be away for a significant period of time and wish to keep your clan chat place, please get in contact with an active clan chat admin before you become unavailable - preferably via his or her talk page.

Any clanmate who wishes to remove themselves from the clan can do so at any time using the clan chat interface, or by contacting an admin or above if you no longer play.

If 200 active members are in the clan, a waitlist will be established for prospective clanmates. Any clanmates who were previously in the clan but were kicked due to inactivity or voluntarily left under good terms will be moved to the front of the waitlist. Should multiple former clanmates want to join, they will be placed at the front of the waitlist in the order in which the request was received.

A page which tracks who is under consideration for being kicked for inactivity, and people marked as inactive, is here.

Wiki worlds

The Old School RuneScape Wiki worlds are the official servers the Wiki uses as homeworlds for Wikia users. The two Wiki worlds are:

  • Old School 41 for Old School RuneScape, and
  • World 41 for RuneScape 3.

The worlds were chosen because they are both usually not crowded. These two servers can be chosen as favourites by going to the "World Select" menu, found here.

Further information

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