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"RS:D" redirects here. For our deletion policy, see 2007scape Wiki:Deletion policy. For information regarding speedy deletion, see 2007scape Wiki:Criteria for speedy deletion.

None yet.

(Listed by closing date.)

As a wiki, there will be some pages that are not up to standard. On this page, listed are all the current articles whose value has been questioned. We invite all users to participate in the discussion as to whether these articles are acceptable or not. The pages listed will be discussed to reach a consensus. Once a consensus has been reached or a length of time has passed, an administrator will review the discussion and decide what action should be taken. To request that an article be restored from deletion, see 2007scape Wiki:Requests for undeletion.

Articles that are permitted under the wiki's granularity policy should not be deleted. They should instead be edited to improve the article and meet the standards required.

If a new article is filled with nothing, nonsense, advertising, information on an Old School RuneScape player, or offensive material, nominate it for speedy deletion. {{D|Reason}}

How to list an articleEdit

  1. Put {{Rfd}} on the page (or <noinclude>{{Rfd}}</noinclude> for template pages) to be deleted and save.
  2. On the {{Rfd}} template you add to the page, there will be a link that looks like this: "this article's entry." Click it and it will take you to the creation screen for the Request for Deletion for the page.
  3. On the page, fill in the required information, by replacing Your reason(s). with your reasons for nominating it. Don't forget to sign!
  4. Come to 2007scape Wiki:Requests for deletion and add {{2007scape Wiki:Requests for deletion/Page name}} to this section below.


There are multiple positions that can be taken in a request for deletion.

  • Delete Supporting the nomination to delete the page in question
  • Keep Opposing the nomination to delete the page in question
  • Neutral No support or oppose to the nomination
  • Comment Comment given analysis of the request for deletion or nominated page itself. If the commenter has not already taken a position, this is usually considered to be Neutral, though the text may lean in favour of deleting or keeping.
  • Merge A compromise between deleting and keeping the page in question. Usually the merge will be done with a larger but related page.
  • Redirect - Delete the page's content and have the title redirect to another page.

For administratorsEdit

  1. Determine the consensus on the request for deletion entry.
  2. Replace {{Rfd top|archive=}} with {{Rfd top|archive=true|Decision}} ~~~~ at the top of the nomination.
  3. Act on the outcome of the request for deletion.
    1. If the result is Keep, add {{Previous rfd}} to the talkpage of the page in question, and remove the {{Rfd}} from the article.
    2. If the result is Delete, delete the article, but do not delete the talkpage (per RS:DDD). Check the list of pages that link to the article (if any). Remove all red links and delete all broken redirects (if any) that are caused by the deletion.
    3. If the result is No consensus, do not delete the article, but add {{Previous rfd|no consensus}} to the top of the talk page.
  4. Archive the entry in the latest archive and remove the link off this page.

Pages listed for deletionEdit

Dragonstone bolt tip should be deleted because Dragon bolt tips is the correct spelling of the item and has the same information.

See alsoEdit

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