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April fools jag

An attempt to pick up an Easter egg.

Jag april fools

A flying easter egg.

On 1 April 2013, Jagex announced that to celebrate Easter, they are adding rares back into the game by dropping Partyhats and Easter eggs in various locations.

1:33am Monday 1st Apr 2013 - Happy Easter! You wanted rares back in the game, so we're making Easter Eggs and party hats appear in Lumbridge, Varrock, etc.

However, it was realized that the party hats and easter eggs were simply frauds; They appeared to move and even hover above the ground when players neared them. Some players cornered the eggs and hats and the player made an animation to pick it up, but nothing appeared in the inventory. Telegrabbing the hats and eggs made useless items like cabbage and skirts appear in the player's inventory.

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