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Duel Arena
Lumbridge Al Kharid River Salve
Shanty pass

Al Kharid is a city in the north of the Kharidian Desert. It is the only desert city open to non-members, and players in the city do not suffer from the desert effect. Al Kharid is ruled by The Emir, although the vast majority of the work has been taken over by Chancellor Hassan since the Emir's son was kidnapped.

This city is particularly useful to powerminers because of the nearby Mining area, which contains tin, copper, iron, silver, gold, mithril, adamant, and coal.



Cheap passage to Al-Kharid.

Al Kharid contains the closest bank to a range and furnace in free-to-play RuneScape, as well as two reasonably close Fishing spots. It also houses a tanner, Ellis.


Main article: Bank

Al Kharid's bank is to the south-west of the city. (See our separate article on banks.) The bank is populated largely by craftsmen, smiths and chefs, largely due to the proximity of the tanner, range and furnace. In the free worlds, it often has many players buying and selling cowhides.


Zeke's Superior ScimitarsEdit

Zeke's Superior Scimitars

Zeke the store owner.

The scimitar shop is north-east of the bank.


You can also ask for a Dragon scimitar. If you do this, Zeke makes several puns regarding the Monkey Madness quest required to buy a dragon scimitar: "The banana-brained nitwits who make them would never sell any to me. Seriously, you'll be a monkey's uncle before you hold a Dragon Scimitar."

Dommik's Crafting StoreEdit

Ellis' tannery

Dommik the store owner.

The Crafting store is north-east of the palace.


Al Kharid General StoreEdit

The general store is east of the palace.


The shop is also often well-stocked with recently crafted leather armour.

Louie's Armoured Legs BazaarEdit

Louies armoured legs bazaar

Louie the store owner.

The armoured legs store is south of the general store, east of the palace.


Ranael's Super Skirt StoreEdit

The armoured skirts store is east of the palace.


This shop stocks identical merchandise to Louie's Armoured Legs Bazaar, except the armour is plateskirts, not platelegs.

Kebab shopEdit

The kebab shop is at the range directly north of the bank, a kebab can be bought for 1 coin here. Karim is the kebab seller.

Gem traderEdit

Gem Trader. (Al Kharid)

Al Kharid Gem Trader (and Ollie the camel).

The gem trader is to the north of Al Kharid, east of the gate to Lumbridge.


Silk traderEdit

The silk trader near the scimitar shop is a quick and easy way for newer members to gain small amounts of money quickly too! If the player is prepared to click through a lengthy dialogue, they can buy silk cheaply (3 coins) which can be sold for a profit at a general store other than the one in Al-Kharid. (Note: If you refuse at the first time, he'll lower the price to 2 coins.)

Ali Morisanne's BazaarEdit

Alis Discount Wares

Ali's stall.

Ali Morrisane is found east of the gem trader to the north-east of the city near the blue star quest icon Quest-icon. He sells various items, and once The Feud is completed, he will open various other shops if you set up merchanting opportunities for him.

Talk to him (there is no 'trade' option) and select the "Ya, I'll get to it soon." option. When he asks "...Unless you want to make a small purchase from me first?", select "Ok".

Sorceress's GardenEdit

Main article: Sorceress's Garden

The Sorceress's Garden is found in the south-east of Al-Kharid.

Scorpion-pit mineEdit

Main article: Al Kharid Mine

Duel ArenaEdit

Main article: Duel Arena

The Duel Arena is found north-east of Al Kharid.

Miscellaneous featuresEdit



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