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This article is about the altars used to recharge Prayer. For other uses, see Altar (disambiguation).

An altar is an interactive piece of scenery which allows a player to recharge their Prayer points. To pray at an altar, you must left click on the altar, or right click & select the 'pray' option. Your character will then kneel by the altar and your prayer points will be recharged. To locate an altar look for the altar icon (Altar icon) on the World map or Minimap.

Contrary to popular belief, there is no altar in Falador. The altar situated in Falador in RS3 was added later on in the game, as people complained the city lacked an altar.

Altar locationsEdit



Special altarsEdit

These are the altars that don't look like the standard altars or have special effects.

  • Druid's Circle north of Taverley. The stone in the center of the Henge can be used to recharge.
  • Tribal Statue, Tai Bwo Wannai Village. Can only be used on completion of the Tai Bwo Wannai Trio quest.
  • Monastery just west of Edgeville, also known unofficially as the Prayer Guild. You must have a prayer level of 31 to enter. Praying at the altar boosts the player's prayer points 2 above their current prayer level.
  • Nature Altar, Mort Myre Swamp. You must complete the Nature Spirit quest to gain access to this alter. When prayed at, it boosts the player's prayer points 2 above their current prayer level.
  • Elidinis Statuette in Nardah. Can be accessed after completing the Spirits of the Elid quest. Not only does this altar restore Prayer, it also briefly boosts a player's Hitpoints above their normal level .
  • Yanille Agility dungeon north of Yanille. Praying at this altar opens a trap door that damages you and drops you a floor down into the middle of a large group of poison spiders.
  • A player-owned house. You can pray at it normally, or use bones on it for more Prayer experience.

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