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An Amulet is a piece of jewellery in RuneScape. When strung with some wool and enchanted, it can give special effects for the wearer, some of which are only for members. Amulets are worn in the neckwear slot.

Amulets can be made using the crafting skill. An amulet mould is required to make any amulet.

All player crafted amulets can be enchanted, with the exception of the gold amulet, which is solely a cosmetic item.

Amulet Enchanted Icon Crafting-icon Magic-icon
Gold amulet N/A Gold amulet 8 N/A
Sapphire amulet Amulet of magic(trimmed)[1] Sapphire amuletAmulet of magic (t) 24 7
Emerald amulet Amulet of defence Emerald amulet 31 27
Pre-nature amulet Amulet of nature


Amulet of nature
Ruby amulet Amulet of strength(trimmed)[1] Ruby amuletStrength amulet (t) 50 49
Diamond amulet Amulet of power Diamond amulet 70 57
Dragonstone amulet Amulet of glory(trimmed)[1][2] Dragonstone amuletAmulet of glory (t) 80 68
Onyx amulet Amulet of fury(ornamental)[2] Amulet of furyAmulet of fury (or) 90 87
Zenyte amulet Amulet of torture[2] Amulet of torture 98 93
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 The trimmed version is not craftable and comes pre-enchanted.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 Members only amulet.

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