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Angry barbarian spirit
Angry barbarian spirit
Release date 3 July 2007 (Update)
Members? Yes
Combat level 166
Always drops Nothing
He looks a tad upset.
Combat info
Hitpoints 190
Aggressive Yes
Poisonous No
Max hit 18
Weakness Magic
Attack Styles
Melee (crush)
Slayer-icon Slayer info
Not assigned
Combat-icon Combat stats
Attack-icon Strength-icon Defence-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
150 140 100 1 1
Attack-icon Aggressive stats
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Defence-icon Defensive stats
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +3 +2 -3 +2
Other bonuses Immunities
Strength-icon RangedStrength-icon Attack-icon Poison hitsplat Venom hitsplat
+15 +0 +9 No No
Attack speed
Monster attack speed 6

An Angry barbarian spirit is found in the Ancient Cavern, along with many other high-levelled monsters, including Mithril dragons. They are quite high hitting (with a maximum hit of 18) but have low accuracy.

These monsters are NOT considered to be undead (as indicated when trying to cast crumble undead on them), so a salve amulet or salve amulet (e) will not help at all.


Armour and WeaponsEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Iron kiteshield Iron kiteshield 1 Common 48
Iron plateskirt Iron plateskirt 1 Common 48
Steel hasta Steel hasta 1 Common 1,738
Yew shortbow Yew shortbow 1 Common 401
Adamant battleaxe Adamant battleaxe 1 Uncommon 2,300
Adamant mace Adamant mace 1 Uncommon 676
Battlestaff Battlestaff 1 Uncommon 9,009
Mithril mace Mithril mace 1 Uncommon 177
Mithril sq shield Mithril sq shield 1 Uncommon 750
Steel full helm Steel full helm 1 Uncommon 192
Steel kiteshield Steel kiteshield 1 Uncommon 340
Steel longsword Steel longsword 1 Uncommon 136
Steel mace Steel mace 1 Uncommon 19
Steel scimitar Steel scimitar 1 Uncommon 83
Mithril med helm Mithril med helm 1 Rare 317
Rune scimitar Rune scimitar 1 Rare 16,266

Ammo and runesEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Silver bolts 5 Silver bolts 5 Common 35
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow 20 Common 680
Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrow 5 Uncommon 340
Adamant dart (p) Adamant dart (p) 20 Uncommon 2,780
Blood rune Blood rune 3; 5; 10 Uncommon 828–2,760
Death rune Death rune 5 Uncommon 1,280
Mith grapple Mith grapple 2 Uncommon 4,636
Steel dart Steel dart 10 Uncommon 330
Steel knife Steel knife 10 Uncommon 1,000
Runite bolts 5 Runite bolts 10 Rare 1,560

Bars and oresEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Silver bar Silver bar 3 (noted) Common 654
Steel bar Steel bar 3 (noted) Common 1,617
Gold bar Gold bar 1 Common 90
Gold ore Gold ore 1 Uncommon 420
Adamantite bar Adamantite bar 1 Rare 2,433

Herbs and potionsEdit

Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Strength mix (2) Strength mix (2) 1 Common 4,474
Prayer mix (2) Prayer mix (2) 1 Common 4,084
Grimy harralander Grimy harralander 1 Uncommon 574
Grimy irit leaf Grimy irit leaf 1 Uncommon 1,577
Grimy avantoe Grimy avantoe 1 Uncommon 2,918
Grimy dwarf weed Grimy dwarf weed 1 Uncommon 1,873


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 250 Coins 106–467 Common Not sold
Yew logs Yew logs 1 Common 356
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 Uncommon 1,742
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 Uncommon 2,149
Sapphire ring Sapphire ring 1 Uncommon 1,628
Ancient page Ancient page 1 Uncommon (5/128) Not sold
Clue scroll (medium) Clue scroll (medium) 1 Rare Not sold

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