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Architectural Alliance is the first miniquest exclusive to Old School RuneScape, which was introduced in the March 3, 2016 update. It features Great Kourend, a city in Zeah that is divided between five houses: Hosidius, Shayzien, Arceuus, Lovakengj, and Piscarilius. The statue of King Rada I, which stood in the city's centre, was destroyed by a devastating storm. The player must unite the Houses of Great Kourend to rebuild the statue of their King.

Start point Quest Speak to Hosa in the centre of Great Kourend.
Official difficulty
Description None
Length Extremely long (2+ days)


  • 15 Hunter-icon Hunter for hunting sandworms
  • 65 Mining-icon Mining and at least 53 Smithing-icon (83 or 93 preferred) for smithing Shayzien supply armour
  • 25 Cooking-icon Cooking or higher (65 or higher preferred) for cooking in the mess
  • Ability to kill large quantities of level 53 and 62 Lizardmen
Items required Various items required for gaining favour in each House.
Enemies to defeat Lizardmen (optional)


A player must speak with Hosa by the statue of King Rada I in Great Kourend to start the miniquest. Hosa, the Hosidius architect, explains that he wishes to rebuild the statue of King Rada I in the centre of Great Kourend after it was heavily damaged in a storm. However, he is unable to receive the assistance of the other architects in their respective Houses, and requests that you do so for him.

In order to receive the assistance of a Great Kourend architect, players need to speak with them once they gain 100% favour in their respective House. Once players have spoken to an architect, they never lose the favour of the House in which they gained 100% favour. If a player achieves 100% favour with a house but forgets to speak with its architect and goes on to another house, their 100% favour is not locked in and it will decrease as favour in the next house increases. In order to complete the miniquest and rebuild the statue of King Rada, players must gain 100% favour in all Houses.

The location of the architects are as follows:

Gaining favourEdit

The player can gain favour in a House in any order. However, once 100% favour is gained in one House, be sure to speak to the respective House's architect before gaining favour in another House. This allows players who have gained 100% favour in a House to gain favour in another House without losing favour in the others.

Arceuus HouseEdit

Arceuus House symbol

Earning the favour of the Arceuus can be done by assisting the Arceuus Elders with expanding their knowledge, seeking your own dark knowledge, mining rune essence blocks and using the Arceuus spellbook.

Piscarilius HouseEdit

Piscarilius House symbol

Earning the favour of the Piscarilius can be done by assisting the Piscarilius Elders with repairing the fishing nets, taking fish to the market, hunting grubs on the beach and stealing booty from houses.

Lovakengj HouseEdit

Lovakengj House symbol

Earning favour with the Lovakengj requires you to assist in the collecting of resources for dynamite and the creation of armour.

Earning the favour of the Lovakengj house will allow players to collect new compounds used to make dynamite for blast mining. Blast mining will allow players to get ores at an accelerated rate.

Shayzien HouseEdit

Shayzien House symbol

Earning favour with the house will allow you access to a training ground found verging on the bloodlands, a desolate area that holds nothing but the mutated remnants of war. You will also be able to police the city to help keep order. Players with 5% Shayzien favour are able to fight lizardmen. Players will also be able to win tiers 1-5 Shayzien armour through the combat ring as the player earns more favour.

Hosidius HouseEdit

Hosidius House symbol

Earning the favour of the Hosidius can be done by helping with the production of farmed foods and preparing food for soldiers. Once you have earned the Favour of the Hosidius house you will gain access to both the city kitchens, which boasts a 5% reduced chance of burning when cooking using their ranges, access to a new Spirit tree patch and the ability to play the Tithe farm minigame, which focuses on gaining farming experience.

Finishing upEdit

Once players have spoken to all the architects, speak to any of the architects at the statue in the centre of Zeah. A cutscene will ensue, with the architects building the statue by throwing rocks at it, and the statue in the city's centre will be rebuilt. Congratulations, miniquest complete, now you unlocked the Xeric's heart teleport of the Xeric's amulet which brings you to the middle of Zeah.

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