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Assistant Le Smith
Assistant Le Smith
Release date 6 November 2006 (Update)
Race Gnome
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? Monkey Madness II
Location Tree Gnome Stronghold
Ape Atoll
Sells items? No
Gender Male
A helpful assistant.
Assistant Le Smith chathead

Assistant Le Smith is a non-player character discovered after completing Enlightened Journey. Players can talk to him to use the Balloon transport system. He is presently employed by Auguste for the Grand Tree balloon route. Previously he was a glider pilot, however he was kicked out for being too full of hot air.

He plays a role in Monkey Madness II on Ape Atoll, where he is suspected of assisting Glough in his mission to kill humans. There are several places where he can be hiding.

  • Top floor of the jail
  • On top of the main gate.
  • Top floor of the building next to the rune stall.
  • Top floor of the broken building next to the Monkey Child and aunt.


  • Le Smith could be a play on the name La Forge who was Picard's Chief Engineer from Star Trek.

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