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This article is about the Attack skill. For information on training Attack, see Melee training (F2P) (P2P).

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Also known as Att, Atk
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Attack is a player's accuracy in melee combat. As a player raises their Attack level, they can deal damage more consistently as well as wield weapons of stronger materials.


Using the accurate Attack style in the Attack style menu.

Fighting accurately Edit

In order to gain experience in the Attack stat, players must choose the accurate attack style. While fighting accurately, players will hit more often than they would when fighting aggressively or defensively.

Attack bonuses Edit

Some weapons give players Attack bonuses when using certain attack types. These bonuses are noted in the Equipment Stats section of the equipment menu. Attack bonuses give players advantages as well as disadvantages in melee combat, based on their target's strengths and weaknesses.

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Attack level-up music (link)
Attack typeSuitable weapons
Stab Daggers, Swords, Longswords, and Pickaxes.
Slash Swords, Longswords, Axes, Scimitars, Battleaxes, and Two-handed swords.
Crush Maces, Battleaxes, Warhammers, and Two-handed swords.

Other Attack bonuses Edit

Levels Edit

In order to wield weapons, a certain Attack level requirement must be met. Commonly used items and their corresponding level requirements are as follows:

WeaponAttack level requiredOther requirements
Bronze 1 None. *
Iron 1 None. *
Steel 5 None. *
Black 10 None. *
White 10 Completion of the Wanted! quest.
Mithril 20 None. *
Adamant 30 None. *
Battlestaves 30 30 Magic
Rune 40 None. *
Mystic staves 40 40 Magic.
Granite maul 50 50 Strength.
Ancient staff 50 50 Magic and completion of Desert Treasure.
Iban's staff 50 50 Magic and completion of Underground Pass.
Obsidian 60 The Obsidian maul (tzhaar-ket-om), however, requires 60 Strength, but only 1 Attack. The Obsidian staff also requires 60 Magic.
Dragon 60 The Dragon longsword and Dragon dagger also require completion of the Lost City quest. The Dragon mace and Dragon battleaxe also require completion of Heroes' Quest. The Dragon halberd also requires completion of Regicide, as well as 30 Strength. The Dragon scimitar also requires completion of Monkey Madness.
Barrelchest anchor 60 Requires completion of Great Brain Robbery to obtain and equip. Also requires 40 Strength.
Barrows 70 70 Strength for Dharok's greataxe and Torag's hammers, 70 Magic for Ahrim's staff.
Abyssal whip 70 None.
Abyssal dagger 70 None.
Abyssal bludgeon 70 70 Strength.
Zamorakian spear 70 Can be converted into a Zamorakian hasta for 300,000 coins and will also require partial completion of barbarian training.
Saradomin sword 70 None.
Abyssal tentacle 75 None.
Saradomin's blessed sword 75 None.
(Toxic) Staff of the dead 75 75 Magic.
Godswords 75 None.

* It should also be noted that Halberds of any material require a Strength level equal to one-half that of its Attack level requirement.

Quests Edit

The following quests give Attack experience upon completion.

QuestExperienceMembers only?
Vampire Slayer4,825No
In Search of the Myreque600Yes
Mountain Daughter1,000Yes
A Fairy Tale Part I2,000Yes
In Aid of the Myreque2,000Yes
A Fairy Tale Part II2,500*Yes
Tai Bwo Wannai Trio2,500Yes
The Fremennik Trials2,812.4Yes
Death Plateau3,000Yes
Underground Pass3,000Yes
Heroes Quest3,075Yes
Contact! 7,000 to 14,000* Yes
Legends Quest7,650 to 30,600Yes
Shadow of the Storm10,000*Yes
The Fremennik Isles 10,000 to 20,000* Yes
Tree Gnome Village11,450Yes
Fight Arena12,175Yes
Waterfall Quest13,750Yes
The Grand Tree18,400Yes
Recipe for Disaster20,000*Yes
Monkey Madness20,000 or 35,000Yes
Monkey Madness II 50,000 or 100,000* Yes

* Indicates that this is optional.

Temporary boosts Edit

Certain items allow a temporary boost of the Attack stat. Commonly used Attack boosts are as follows:

ItemBoost amount
Attack potion 3 to 12 (3 + 10% of Attack level).
Super attack potion 5 to 19 (5 + 15% of Attack level).
Combat potion 3 to 12 (3+ 10% of Attack level). Also boosts Strength.
Zamorak brew 2 + 20%. Also boosts Strength, lowers Defense and Hitpoints, and restores some Prayer points.
Prayer Clarity of Thought, Improved Reflexes, and Incredible Reflexes boost Attack level by 5%, 10% and 15%, respectively. Chivalry and Piety also increase Attack level by 15% and 20%, respectively, in addition to their other boosts to Defence and Strength.
Black mask 15%. Also boosts Strength. Only works when fighting monsters assigned to you by a Slayer Master.
Cup of tea 2 points.
Ruby harvest 20% when used in a multi-combat zone.

All percentage values given are calculated and then rounded down. For example, a 10% boost on a level 55 stat would result in 0.10 * 55 = 5.5 --> rounded down --> 5.0, resulting in a +5 boost to that stat.

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