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A bar, pub, or inn is a place where Beer is sold. Other drinks and foods may also be sold. On the world map they are identified by the beer glass icon Pub icon.

List of Bars Edit

The Asp and SnakePollivineach
The Big Heist LodgeBandit Camp in the desert
Blue Moon InnVarrock
Blurberry's BarGrand Tree
Dancing Donkey InnVarrock
Dead Man's ChestBrimhaven
The Deeper LodeLovakengj House in Great Kourend
Dragon InnYanille
Flying Horse InnArdougne
Forester's ArmsSeers' Village
The Golden FieldHosidius House in Great Kourend
Hair of the DogCanifis
Harpoon Joe's House of 'Rum'Mos Le'Harmless
The Haymaker's ArmsHosidius House in Great Kourend
Jolly Boar InnVarrock
Karamja Spirits BarKaramja
King's Axe InnKeldagrim
Laughing MinerKeldagrim
The Long HallBarbarian Village
The Other InnMos Le'Harmless
Paramayer InnShilo Village
Party RoomFalador
Rising SunFalador
The Rusty AnchorPort Sarim
Toad and ChickenBurthorpe

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A list of some quests that have a step in a bar:

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