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Items kept on death
This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.

Players in a game of barbarian assault.

Barbarian Assault is a safe team-based combat Minigame located at the Barbarian Outpost. A team of five players must work together to battle 10 waves of Penance, before finally defeating the Penance Queen herself.

There are no requirements for this minigame, although a player with a higher combat level will generally perform better. This is a safe minigame, so you won't lose any items if you die.

Starting off Edit

Go to the Barbarian Outpost and talk to Captain Cain to begin the tutorial. After you've watched all of the lessons, you will need to deposit all of your runes and bronze to mithril arrows. It is also a good idea to empty your inventory, ridding yourself of everything except armour and a good weapon. If you're planning to be an attacker, take a weapon that can attack accurately, defensively, aggressively, and controlled. The best choice would be taking both a scimitar for aggressive, a whip for the other three styles, and a dragon dagger/battleaxe for special attack. If you are not planning on doing the attacker role, the wisest weapon would be the excalibur, for its defence boosting special attack.

There are 10 waves of Barbarian Assault, and you must play them in order. To start playing, go into the basement of the Barbarian Assault lobby. There are eleven rooms in here, one for each wave, as well as a "quickstart" room. Either enter the room with a 1 on it or the quickstart room.

Join the "Osrs Ba" clan chat to get a free teleport to Barbarian assault, and head to world 306. Note that before you can do this, you will need to have completed all of the minigame's tutorials by speaking to Captain Cain.

Equipment Strategy Edit

Rune, or Granite armour is recommended. Monsters on waves 1-9 attack with ranged and melee, and the penance queen attacks with ranged.

Weapons such as Spears and Axes should not be used in Barbarian Assault, except in combination with another weapon. Weapons such as these lack the ability to encompass all attack styles, and will either leave the Attacker no option but to kick for aggressive or wait on controlled.

Player Roles Edit

Unlike Castle Wars, Pest Control, and Trouble Brewing, you are bound to a specific role when you play Barbarian Assault. Each team has five players on it, and must have at least one player to each role. It is recommended that a team either has 2 attackers or 2 healers.

Role Color Job (including telling teammate what to do)
Attacker Red Kill Penance rangers and Penance Fighters.
Collector Yellow Gather eggs dropped by Penance, and load egg cannons.
Defender Blue Lure the Penance runners into Runner traps, and repair the traps.
Healer Green Heal allied players, and poison Penance Healers.

Recruiting Edit

The Quickstart Room Edit

The quick start room is used to auto-match teammates rather than them having to do it manually. On entering the room, simply choose one of the roles (or say "I'll do any role"), then enter the room. Once there is at least one person doing each role and at least five people in the room, the game will start, using the lowest wave for the people playing, so if a person is on wave 1, then the game will start on wave 1. If someone is killed or someone leaves, all other players will start back on the wave that was played, even after leaving the quickstart room. If the wave is completed then the team will be able to advance to the next wave after leaving the room. It is, however, not recommended to use this room because it is usually empty.

The Numbered Rooms Edit

To start a game in the numbered rooms, one person must take a recruitment scroll from the table and use it on four other players. They will then be able to choose their roles, and the recruiter will see their level in that role and be able to accept or decline their offer. The recruiter must also write down their own role.

Once the recruiter has their team, the wave will start after the recruiter has climbed down the ladder. The recruiter becomes the team captain and can decide whether or not to keep their team after each wave. If nobody leaves or gets fired, the next wave will automatically start after 60 seconds. One way of skipping the 60 second wait is for the recruiter to temporarily exit the room, come back in and go straight down the ladder - the next wave will start immediately. This is commonly known as the Quick Start, and is abbreviated as QS.

Gameplay Edit

The key to this game is teamwork. If just one team member doesn't do their job, then the whole team fails. The game ends when someone quits by climbing up the ladder or dies. You do not lose any items when you die, but you don't keep anything that you acquired through the minigame. The object of the game is to defeat all of the Penance.

Horn Edit

Everyone will get a horn in their inventory to contact their teammates about what they should do (this is very important for the game to work).

The horn is separated into different functions. At the top right of the screen it comes in this layout for example.

Icon Action Example
Counter The current assault wave. Wave 1
EAR What you have been told to DO. Use Tofu for bait
MOUTH What you need to TELL through your horn. Right click horn and select Tell-meat.
Horn Your partner for providing instructions. Healer
  • DO what is next to the EAR icon
  • TELL / SHOUT out what is next to the MOUTH icon.
Defender horn options

Defender's Horn options

Depending upon role, when right-clicked the horn will give options for what to tell your partner:

  • attack style,
  • egg colors,
  • poisoned food, or
  • food to lure.

First calls have a 2.5% chance of being:

  • controlled/wind
  • poison tofu
  • crackers

Thus, if a collector calls controlled as first call, he probably has called wrong, etc.

In the example, the Defender's Horn interface on the screen shows that the Defender needs to TELL (MOUTH icon) the partner (Healer) to use Poison meat to kill the Penance Healers by right-clicking the horn and selecting the Tell-meat option. The EAR icon shows that the partner (Healer) is telling the Defender what to DO: use Tofu as bait in order to lure Penance Runners to the trap. Using the horn is called calling, and it should be prioritized over anything else, because your partner cannot do his/her role if you don't call for them.

Action items change about every 30 seconds, after which a player will need to call again. A player will need to check the Horn interface for changes and tell the partner any changes as well. It is important to tell the partner what to do as the player and team will lose points for every:

  • wrong attack style, plus damage to attacker
  • runner that gets through
  • wrong egg picked up which explode and cause 5 damage to the collector
  • wrong poison used

However, since collecting wrong eggs and using wrong poison do not actually cost a lot of points (about 1 point per 6 wrong eggs and 1 point per 4 wrong poisons), the collector and the healer should always guess the type of eggs and poison in case the attacker and the defender do not call. This is because waiting for a slow call (as collector or healer) is an unnecessary waste of time, and sacrificing a fraction of a point to save time is the most logical option.

If you need healing, right click the horn, then click on Medic alert the healer to your low hp.

There is also a "horn of glory" in the corner that can be used to call for everyone. It is, however, not recommended to use it, even if you are done with your job. Instead, you should help fire the cannon on other penance monsters.

Waves One Through to Nine Edit

There are four different types of Penance in these waves: Fighters, Rangers, Healers, and Runners.

The Attacker Edit

It's the attacker's job to kill the Penance Fighters and rangers. Runes and arrows are available from the attacker machine near the entrance. However, since you do not gain any experience (other than cast exp) at Barbarian Assault, you are recommended to melee all waves.

The attacker must also use their horn to tell the collector which coloured eggs to pick up.

The Penance Fighters and Rangers will be weak against one type of attack at any given time. Using the wrong attack will cause you to lose 2 hp and hit no damage, and, most importantly, will cost you points. The collector will tell you which attack they are vulnerable to with their horn.

The four attack types are: Controlled/Wind/Bronze, Accurate/Water/Iron, Aggressive/Earth/Steel, and Defensive/Fire/Mithril.

Unlike the healer and the collector, the attacker is not supposed to guess calls in waves 1-9 under any circumstances, as you lose 2 * ( F - 1 ) points per wave as attacker, where F is the number of wrong attacks.

Having a high combat level as an attacker is a significant advantage in the game.

A smart tactic to follow to prevent wrong attacks is to count your attacks. Each call is 30 seconds, and each attack is 2.4 seconds. Since it takes some time for collector to call, and some time for you to change style, each call should fit about 10~11 attacks. Thus, you are recommended to count 10 attacks then move away from the penance to prevent attacking with the wrong style on call switch. Also, you should have Auto-Retaliate off at all time.

Finally, the attacker is recommended to bring potions and special attack into barbarian assault. This is because the higher waves have so many monsters with high HP levels, and you need higher damage per second and defence to be able to dispatch them before you get red-barred, thus, lessening the stress on the healer of your team. A solo attacker is heavily recommended to always use super potions in BA. As for special attack weapons, the best options are the dragon dagger and the dragon battleaxe.

The Collector Edit

The collector gathers eggs dropped by killed penance monsters and loads them into the cannon that any teammate can fire.

The collector must also tell the attacker which attack style to use with their horn.

There are three different coloured eggs: Red, blue, and green. They are dropped by dead Penance. At any given time, only one colour of egg can be picked up. The others will explode if you try. The attacker will tell you which colour you should pick up using their horn. However, if the attacker does not call for you, it is recommended that you guess the type of egg.

You will be given an egg bag to store extra eggs in. The higher your collector level is, the more you can store in that bag.

When you shoot enemies with the egg launcher, you can use blue eggs to stun them for a few seconds, red eggs to deal 3 damage, and green eggs to poison them (1 damage per hit). However, it is extremely important that you only shoot red eggs, as green eggs cancel the poison on healers, and blue eggs make the players unable to interact with the penance, and can cause some glitches.

Contrary to what some people believe, the cannon does NOT make you lose points. There is even a quick chat for that on the main page.

The Defender Edit

The defender must drop the food the healer tells them to drop in order to lure the Penance Runners into traps. This is done by laying the food in a line that the runner can follow. Bait can be found in the defender machine near the entrance.

The defender must also tell the healer which poisoned food to use on the Penance Healers with their horn.

There are three types of bait: Worms, tofu, and crackers. The runners will be attracted to one type of bait at any given time. The healer must tell the defender which one to use with their horn. The defender will then drop that type of bait on the trap and make a small trail leading to the north caves. With luck, the runner will follow the trail and get killed by the trap.

A hammer and two logs respawn at the north end of the cave. These are used to repair the traps (each trap can only kill two runners before it breaks) and build barricades at the caves, which stops the Penance from appearing for a few seconds. Building barricades is usually not worth the trouble since they delay the players (including the defender himself) from performing their roles effectively. The defender is better off concentrating on the runners.

This is the role that most players find confusing. Watching youtube guides for defender could make the role easier to perform. 

The Healer Edit

It's the Healer's job to make potions to heal their team and use poisoned food on the penance healers. Food and a healing vial can be found in the healer machine near the entrance.

The healer must also tell the defender which bait to use with their horn.

To heal yourself, drink from the healer spring to heal your hitpoints and cure poison. To heal your teammates, you must use the healing vial on the spring to fill it up, then use it on them.

Use poisoned food on Penance Healers to poison them. This poison hits rapidly, up to four damage on them per hit, which gradually fades away. The defender should use their horn to tell you which poison to use. This will change as time goes on.

Healers should use more than one food on each penance healer to speed up the kills. On waves 6+, one food is no longer sufficient to kill a penance healer, because penance healers have more HP (52 HP+) than one poison food can deal before the poison fades away (50HP).

Wave 10 Edit

Penance Queen

Players must work together and create 8 Omega Eggs to take down the Penance Queen (Level 209)

After you get through 9 Waves, you can then fight the Penance Queen in Wave 10. She is impervious to normal attack and must be killed by shooting her with a few omega eggs. Each person in the team must do their part to make the eggs.

The wave starts out normal, but you'll notice that there is only one egg launcher instead of two. There are also poison springs, lava craters, and spiked mushrooms dotted around the edges of the room. One will notice that the levels of the Penance Attackers and Rangers have reduced levels compared to the Penance in Wave 9.

You must defeat all of the Penance Fighters, Rangers, Healers, and Runners before you can damage the Penance Queen, so it is best to defeat them as quickly as you can before the Penance Queen actually appears. Also, note that, while you do not gain any extra points for getting eggs, collecting them is still your best option as shooting healers can speed up the wave considerably. Also, collecting allows you to preload the cannon, the benefits of which will be explained in the next section.

When the Penance Queen does appear, she will be Level 209. She has a long distance ranged attack that can hit everyone at once. She will be accompanied by Level 63 Queen Spawns, which can be defeated by anyone with any attack. The queen has a maximum hit of 13, attacks with ranged and melee, and hits multiple targets. Also, do not try to run away from the queen's attacks, because they can reach anywhere in the map. Instead, stand still near pool to make yourself easier to heal. Attacking spawns is futile since they respawn again anyway, so you should instead stand still so that healer won't have a hard time healing you.

Once the Penance Queen arrives, you need to make omega eggs. You can give the yellow eggs to other players by using them on them.

  • The collector needs to gather yellow eggs that the queen drops. They then need to pass these eggs to the healer.
  • The healer needs to dunk the eggs in the poison pools at the side of the arena, once done, they need to be given to the attacker.
  • The attacker needs to add spikes to the egg from the mushrooms at the side of the arena. The eggs need to be passed along to the defender. As soon as the attacker finishes killing the monsters he should collect the 8 spikes needed for the eggs to save time.
  • The defender dunks the eggs in the lava pools at the side and hands them back to the collector who places them in the cannon ready to be fired.
  • Remember the order: CHAD: Collector, Healer, Attacker, Defender and back to Collector.

Exactly 8 omega eggs are needed to kill the Penance Queen naturally. Omega eggs may not be used by a player until they have dealt with all of their other allotted monsters. However, if the entire team but the person scrolling spams the cannon in the exact same time, an egg can be fired once or twice or thrice, or even nine times. This method makes it very easy to kill the penance queen with just a few eggs, and with a professional team, only one egg can be sufficient. Using less eggs is beneficial because it reduces the risk of a team member dying due to healer being under constant stress, and because it saves time (ending up in faster rounds, and more points per hour). For team players to be able to spam the cannon together, however, the collector needs to make sure the cannon is "pre-loaded", which means that it does have eggs other than the omega eggs. This is because if it didn't, and a team player tries to click the empty cannon, a message saying "The cannon does not have eggs in it." will appear instead of the interface.

When fighting the Penance Queen, the healer probably has the most work to do - most players will need far more healing than in earlier stages, they have to do the eggs and everything they normally do as well. For this reason, if none of the team members is level 3 healer or higher, it is recommended that the fifth member of the team be an extra healer.

It is also helpful if the team members could wear dragon or barrows armour, so that they don't need to be healed as often. Once all other enemies are dead it is also useful if players gather near the Healing Pool so that the healers don't have to run as far. Attackers and defenders should help the collector fire the cannon at this stage.

Gameplay strategy Edit

The game is not as straightforward as it sounds, and there are many ways your team can maximize the points earned. The following strategies outline some tactics for your team to earn high points each round, but remember the basic rule: Always call out the correct action each time it changes. If you don't call, you and your teammates get penalized.

Attacker Edit

Auto-retaliate should also be turned off to prevent accidental incorrect attacks. Killing monsters slowly also allows the collector to collect all the eggs before they disappear. After you kill most of the monsters, go shoot the cannon at runners/healers (remember to use only red eggs) to help speed up the waves. In wave 10, you can guess attacks because there are no penalties. Leveling up attacker is very helpful in increasing your dps rate; at level 5 attacker, you hit 55 more damage per call than you do at level 1. On higher waves, it may be wise to first attack and kill off the rangers, as this will then prevent enemies from being able to target players if they are on the hill, allowing for every other role to stay safe from danger, and allows a healer(s) to focus on healing one target rather than 4 or 5. Also, rangers' attacks are more accurate than fighters'. Finally, if your hp is low, always run up the cannon block, as most monsters can't attack you if you are there.

Collector Edit

  • The first priority for a collector at the beginning of the wave is to run west around the cannon. This way, you do not lure the Penance healers west with you, and it makes the healer's job much easier. Be sure you run west around the cannon during the start of a wave. Some teams may kick you if you fail to follow this general rule.
  • The Collector may destroy eggs on purpose by picking the wrong colour, and asking the Healer to heal the lost damage. This may lead to faster points as a whole as the point deduction for egg destruction is smaller than the point gain for that amount of HP healed. This strategy is known as "Suicide Collection". However, it is not recommended for any but the most experienced of teams due to its tendency to kill the Collector.
  • The Collector's primary responsibility aside from calling and picking up eggs is to load the cannon with (preferably Explosive) eggs as a backup in case the Defender requires support. Firing the cannon should generally be left to the team members who have already finished their roles to perform, not the Collector.
  • On the Queen wave, if all the other members spam click the Omega egg option prior to the collector loading one egg, it is possible for up to 8 eggs to be fired from the cannon when only one is loaded. Thus, experienced teams generally collect and process only ONE egg, instead of the required eight, and add then spam clicking the Omega Egg on the cannon. With three team members spamming the cannon in this way, one egg is needed, with only two team members spamming the cannon, this can still be accomplished with two eggs. This not only increases the speed at which the Queen is killed, but also reduces the chance she has to kill the weaker team members.

Defender Edit

This is perhaps one of the most difficult jobs to master. One way to stop runners from reaching the lure cave is by dropping a straight line of random types of bait parallel to the south wall, as it is almost an impenetrable barrier that stops runners from getting past. There is no penalty for using the wrong type of bait, and there is also no penalty for using the egg launcher, so you can put up a line of bait and use explosive/poison eggs instead. Two explosive eggs or 5 poison eggs kill a runner. Remember to call to the healer frequently. Finally, while it is assumed by Jagex that your defender level affects your lure range, it has been confirmed by Mod Tim that due to an error which was made when Barbarian Assault was in development the calculation which is used to determine the lure range will always return the same value. Thus, leveling the defender role has no effect and should be avoided.

Defender horn options

The Healer must use these options through the waves to tell the Defender what food to drop for the Penance Runners to be killed

Healer Edit

Healer is the most important role to level up. The amount of HP restored per dose can greatly affect a team's survival chances. If the team does not have two healers, it is important for you to heal first and kill healers later. You can drop a poison pack into healers once in a while when you are near one, but by concentrating on healing you ensure the team's survival. On a team with two healers, the higher levelled healer will concentrate on healing while the lower levelled healer kill the penance healers. On every wave except wave 10, the more hitpoints healed, the more honour points earned from healing. (It's capped at +28 points for 511 hitpoints healed - this is doubled to +56 points if you're a healer). On wave 10, two healers might be a wise idea since the penance queen does frequent damage to all 5 players. It IS possible to survive with one healer, even at level 1 healer, however, that mainly depends on the team's HP and defence levels, as well as the healer's own ability to click quickly. For a team of level 70 defence players, a level 3 healer should be able to easily solo the role. A level 5 healer should be able to solo the role regardless of the team's defence levels, assuming their HP levels are all above 40. For a team with no healers above level 3, it is strongly advised to take two healers to the queen. The higher leveled healer will heal the players as they gather around the healing pool, while the lower leveled healer will make the omega eggs. On waves 1-5 a single poison pack can kill a healer, as a pack of poison does 50 damage over a 1 minute period before completely fading out. However, on wave 6 onwards, healers will require at least 2 packs to kill, because wave 6 healers have 52 hp, which leaves them with 2 HP if only one poison pack is used on them. For this, it would be best to wait for the healers to be down to 50% hp before giving them another dose of poison, this should kill off any healer at this level of health over time.

However, notice that there are penance healers reserves that will not spawn until other healers die. For example, on waves 3-5, one healer will NOT spawn until at least one healer dies. On waves 6, 8, and 9, two healers are reserves; each of them will only spawn once a healer dies. On waves 7 and 10, there are three reserves. (See the table below - the number after the dash in the healers section is the number of reserves, and the number before the dash is the number of healers that are not reserves. The sum of both numbers is the total number of healers in that wave).

Thus, it is a wise idea to focus your poison on one healer in waves 3-5, to make the reserve spawn as early as possible, and on two healers on waves 6, 8, and 9, and to spread poison evenly on waves 7 and 10, since there are three reserves. This is to ensure healers die as quickly as possible.

General Edit

  • Healer's food poisons over time, however, if a green egg is fired at a healer that has been poisoned by the healer of the team before hand, then the poison damage from the healer will be completely overridden, resulting in a significant loss of damage. It is thus unwise to fire blue or green eggs on healers under any given circumstances.
  • If a role has been completed by a player (or players) and other roles are having trouble, the egg launcher can give a little bit of support to those who are having trouble. Notice that using the egg launcher on fighters and rangers is futile, since the damage dealt is relatively insignificant.
  • If there are team members who aren't calling, it may be best to have somebody call out the attacks on the horn of glory to speed things up and avoid losing further honour points from penalties. Other roles than the attacker can GUESS, since it doesn't cost much points to guess eggs/healer food, and guessing actually increases points per hour/speed of the team. The horn of glory is not viable once the queen spawns, and the horn of glory shouldn't be used on wave 10 at all, since guessing doesn't cost you any points (you'll always get 95 points per queen no matter what you do).

Penance Information Edit

Key: 3-1 means that 3 will come out early in the wave, while 1 is a reserve, that won't come out until one of the 3 dies.

Penance Information
Wave Fighters Fighter HP Rangers Ranger HP Healer Healer HP Runners
1 4 28 4 20 2-0 27 2-0
2 5 29 4 28 3-0 28 2-1
3 5 32 6 29 2-1 37 2-2
4 6 37 5 34 3-1 47 3-1
5 6 38 6 41 4-1 50 4-1
6 6 49 7 50 4-2 52 4-2


7 50 7 50 4-3 61 5-1
8 7 55 8 54 5-2 68 5-2
9 8 56 8 58 6-2 78 5-4
10 7 50 7 50 4-3 61 5-1

Rewards Edit

Players gain honour points as they play. The amount of Honour Points that a player receives is based on their performance and how well they worked with their team, along with the difficulty of the wave.

Points for wave 1-9.

Role Aspect Formula Capped at
Defender Runners that got past -3x=y Y is capped at -10
Attacker >Rangers killed 0.85x=y X is capped by spawns
Attacker Fighters killed 0.85x=y X is capped by spawns
Healer Healers killed 0.6x=y X is capped by spawns
Defender Runners killed 1.725x=y X is capped by spawns
Healer Players hitpoints replenished 0.056x-0.5=y Y is capped at 28
Healer Wrong poison packs used -0.25x+0.3=y X is capped at ?
Collector 0.23x-0.5=y X is capped at 60
Attacker Incorrect style attacks -x+1=y Y is capped at -10

X is number of aspects. Y is points gained or lost (rounded).  Role played Y*2.

For completing wave 10, each player gets 80 points for their role plus 5 points in each of the other 3 roles.

Each team member gets points based on the team's performance plus points based on their own role. A player not TELLING (MOUTH icon) their partner what action to DO (EAR icon) may result in penalties for the entire team. However, as seen in the table above, the healer and the collector do not get heavily penalised when using wrong food / collecting wrong eggs, and thus, it is advised that they do guess their calls to save time waiting for the other player to call. This is not applicable to the attacker because they are heavily penalized ( around -1 point per wrong guess ). Contrary to popular belief, the defender does not get penalized when using wrong food. In fact, it is sometimes very useful to use wrong food in defending.

Barbarian Assault Rewards Shop

Players may spend these honour points by talking to Commander Connad, who can be found in the Barbarian Assault entrance hall, near Captain Cain. They can choose to:

  • Upgrade their Barbarian Assault skill levels
It costs 200 points in a particular skill to upgrade a level the first time, then 300, then 400, then 500.


By gambling, players may obtain various items, including the extremely rare dragon chainbody and pet penance queen.

There are 3 methods of gambling, each with different costs:

  • Gamble low: costs 200 Honour Points
  • Gamble medium: costs 400 Honour Points
  • Gamble high: costs 500 Honour Points.(Kill Queen)

The odds of getting a Dragon chainbody are exceedingly slim, seeing as it is a very rare and valuable item. The odds of obtaining it are, as quoted from Jagex, "About the same odds as Zamorak suddenly deciding to give up his evil ways.", which, according to RuneScape lore, is nearly zero, however, Mod Mat K confirmed in a livestream that the actual rate was 1 in 16,000.

It's also possible to get a Lava Battlestaff from low or medium gambles.

Low GamblesEdit


Medium GamblesEdit

Item Quantity Rarity
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 (noted) 2; Common
Snape grass Snape grass 2 (noted) 2; Common
Nature rune Nature rune 3 2; Common
Toad's legs Toad's legs 3 (noted) 2; Common
Coal Coal 5 (noted) 2; Common
Cosmic rune Cosmic rune 5 2; Common
Raw lobster Raw lobster 2 (noted) 2; Common
Big bones Big bones 2 (noted) 2; Common
Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrow 6 2; Common
Law rune Law rune 2 2; Common
Orange tree seed 1 Orange tree seed 3 2; Common
Oak plank Oak plank 2 (noted) 2; Common
Strawberry seed 1 Strawberry seed 1 2; Common
Mithril arrow 5 Mithril arrow 309 8; Unknown
Item Quantity Rarity
Babydragon bones Babydragon bones 1 (noted) 2; Common
Unicorn horn Unicorn horn 1 (noted) 2; Common
Green dragonhide Green dragonhide 1 (noted) 2; Common
Adamant arrow 5 Adamant arrow 13 2; Common
Strawberry seed 1 Strawberry seed 2 2; Common
Red spiders' eggs Red spiders' eggs 5 (noted) 2; Common
Law rune Law rune 5 2; Common
Death rune Death rune 5 2; Common
Raw swordfish Raw swordfish 3 (noted) 2; Common
Teak plank Teak plank 2 (noted) 2; Common
Herb seed 1 Toadflax seed 1 2; Common
Gold ore Gold ore 4 (noted) 2; Common
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 2 (noted) 2; Common

High GamblesEdit

Item Quantity Rarity
Herb seed 1 Torstol seed 3–4 2; Common
Coal Coal 750 2; Common
Dragon bones Dragon bones 50–75 2; Common
Granite shield Granite shield 1 2; Common
Granite helm Granite helm 1 2; Common
Unicorn horn Unicorn horn 30–60 2; Common
Magic seed 1 Magic seed 1 2; Common
Palm tree seed 1 Palm tree seed 1–2 2; Common
Black dragonhide Black dragonhide 30–50 2; Common
Torstol Torstol 20–30 2; Common
Law rune Law rune 250–300 2; Common
Magic logs Magic logs 50–100 2; Common
Archer helm Archer helm 1 2; Common
Berserker helm Berserker helm 1 3; Uncommon
Warrior helm Warrior helm 1 3; Uncommon
Farseer helm Farseer helm 1 3; Uncommon
Blood rune Blood rune 260–310 3; Uncommon
Herb seed 1 Ranarr seed 3–4 3; Uncommon
Raw shark Raw shark 250–300 3; Uncommon
Runite bar Runite bar 15 3; Uncommon
Runite ore Runite ore 20 3; Uncommon
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 25–30 3; Uncommon
Ranarr weed Ranarr weed 20–30 3; Uncommon
Shark Shark 75–123 3; Uncommon
Watermelon seed 1 Watermelon seed 50 3; Uncommon
Limpwurt root Limpwurt root 30–50 3; Uncommon
Mahogany plank Mahogany plank 50–100 3; Uncommon
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow 400–500 3; Uncommon
Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield 1 3; Uncommon
Snapdragon Snapdragon 20–30 3; Uncommon
Herb seed 1 Snapdragon seed 3–4 3; Uncommon
Herb seed 1 Kwuarm seed 10–20 3; Uncommon
Coins 100 Coins 50,465–74,763 3; Uncommon
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 1 4; Rare
Uncut dragonstone Uncut dragonstone 1 4; Rare
Dragon chainbody Dragon chainbody 1 5; Very rare (1/16,000)
Pet penance queen Pet penance queen 1 5; Very rare (1/1,000)

Music Edit

  • Assault and Battery
  • Pirates of Penance - Wave 10 when Penance Queen appears

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