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Items kept on death
This is a safe minigame.
If you die here, you will not lose any of your items.
The official world for Barbarian Assault is world 306 (P2P).
Mg barbassault

Players in a game of barbarian assault.

Barbarian Assault is a safe team-based Combat minigame located at the Barbarian Outpost. A team of five players must work together to battle 10 waves of Penance, before finally defeating the Penance Queen herself.

There are no requirements for this minigame, although a player with a higher combat level will generally perform better. This is a safe minigame, so you won't lose any items if you die.

Getting there Edit

While the Barbarian Assault arena is isolated within the RuneScape world, there are several methods by which it can be reached:

Starting off Edit

Go to the Barbarian Outpost, and talk to Captain Cain to begin the tutorial. After you've watched all of the lessons, you will need to deposit all of your runes and bronze to mithril arrows. It is also a good idea to empty your inventory, ridding yourself of everything except armour and a good weapon. It is also not allowed to take a cape into the arena since you will need that inventory slot for your role icon. If you're planning to be an attacker, take a weapon that can attack accurately, defensively, aggressively, and controlled. The best choice would be taking both a scimitar for aggressive, a whip for the other three styles, and a dragon dagger/battleaxe for special attack. If you are not planning on doing the attacker role, the wisest weapon would be the Excalibur, for its Defence boosting special attack.

There are 10 waves of Barbarian Assault, and you must play them in order. To start playing, go into the basement of the Barbarian Assault lobby. There are eleven rooms in here, one for each wave, as well as a "quickstart" room. Either enter the room with a 1 on it or the quickstart room.

If you would like to reset your Barbarian Assault wave to 1, right-click the Wave 1 portal or speak to Captain Cain in the lobby upstairs.

Join the "Osrs Ba" clan chat to get a free teleport to Barbarian Assault, and head to World 306. Note that before you can do this, you will need to have completed all of the minigame's tutorials by speaking to Captain Cain.

Gameplay Edit

Barbarian Assault is a safe minigame and, as such, players will not lose any items upon death. As combat is the minigame's main component, high Defence and Hitpoints levels provide an advantage. Additionally, a high Agility level is beneficial as it allows players to run more, providing the opportunity to evade threats. Note: If a teammate is killed, the entire group must restart the wave.

Basics Edit

Details information regarding creating a team, brief role descriptions, and Penance monsters that will be faced.

Gameplay Edit

Overview of basic gameplay technique. Includes information on the gameplay interface, battlefield layout and how to complete player roles.

Strategies Edit

Contains information pertaining to more advanced, specific, and efficient gameplay techniques.

Wave breakdown Edit

This breaks down every wave and tells you the amount of monsters in the wave.

Rewards Edit

Contains all the rewards available from the Barbarian Assault minigame, at the cost of Honour points.


Music Edit

  • Legion - Outside
  • Assault and Battery - Waves 1-10
  • Pirates of Penance - Wave 10 when Penance Queen appears

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