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Battle Runes is a magic store in low-level Wilderness, owned by the Mage of Zamorak. It can be accessed before completing the Enter the Abyss miniquest, but after completion the stock will increase and blood runes will be added. It is incredibly difficult to trade with the mage, as skeletons around the area are aggressive. Beware of player killers.


Item Number
in stock
sold at
Fire rune Fire rune 100 4 5
Water rune Water rune 100 4 5
Air rune Air rune 100 4 5
Earth rune Earth rune 100 4 5
Mind rune Mind rune 100 3 4
Body rune Body rune 100 3 5
Chaos rune Chaos rune 50 90 102
Death rune Death rune 50 180 279
Fire rune pack Fire rune pack 35 430 Not sold
Water rune pack Water rune pack 35 430 Not sold
Air rune pack Air rune pack 35 430 Not sold
Earth rune pack Earth rune pack 35 430 Not sold
Mind rune pack Mind rune pack 25 330 Not sold
Chaos rune pack Chaos rune pack 25 9,950 Not sold

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