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This article is about the spell. For the tablet, see Bones to bananas.

The Bones to Bananas spell (or tablet) can be used to turn all bones in one's inventory to bananas. It requires two water runes, two earth runes, and one Nature rune to be cast, with a Magic level of 15. This spell is very useful when fighting monsters which drop bones as a 100% drop, as the bananas produced heal 2 hitpoints each.

If you are casting the spell only for Magic exp, add only one bone to your inventory at a time as it turns ALL bones in inventory into bananas for only 25 exp per spell regardless of number of bones. At least one bone or big bone must be in your inventory to be able to cast the spell.

Players can upgrade the Bones to Bananas spell to the Bones to Peaches spell using Pizazz points at the Mage Training Arena. Players can then use the spell with a Magic level of 60.


Spell cost
2Earth rune2Water rune1Nature rune295
Combo runes
2Water rune1Nature rune2Dust rune305
1Nature rune2Mud rune751
2Water rune1Nature rune2Lava rune293
2Earth rune1Nature rune2Steam rune429
2Earth rune1Nature rune2Mist rune313
2Earth rune1Nature runeStaff of water285
2Water rune1Nature runeStaff of earth285
2Earth rune1Nature runeMist battlestaff285
2Water rune1Nature runeDust battlestaff285
1Nature runeMud battlestaff275
2Water rune1Nature runeLava battlestaff285
2Earth rune1Nature runeSteam battlestaff285

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