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This article is about the NPC. For the quest, see Garden of Tranquillity.
Brother Tranquility
Brother Tranquility Brother Tranquility (zombie)
Release date 6 March 2007 (Update)
Race Undead/Human
Members only? Yes
Quest NPC? The Great Brain Robbery
Location Mos'Le Harmless
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Notable features Zombie monk.
Zombie: He's looked healthier. Human: Much holier than thou.
Brother Tranquility (zombie) chathead

Brother Tranquility is a zombie monk from Harmony Island. Players must talk to him to start The Great Brain Robbery quest. Should players attempt to start the quest without the levels required to complete the quest, Brother Tranquility will simply reply stating that the player does not have the levels required.

He stays inside the Harmony Island's windmill during the whole quest, first reason being the zombie pirates walking outside, second being the sleeping gas enveloping the whole island. At this point, Brother Tranquility asks the player to find a book in the Monastery to repel the effects of the gas inside the windmill. Later, he asks the help of a surgeon to transplant the brains in the real bodies, adding the presence of Dr. Fenkenstrain in the quest. Finally, his last request is to confront Mi-Gor, starting the fight against Barrelchest.

Brother Tranquility is also the solution to the anagram "QUIT HORRIBLE TYRANT", with a challenge answer of 7.


  • The name for Brother Tranquility is spelled with one L, whereas the spelling of the quest Garden of Tranquillity uses double Ls.

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