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The Castle Wars Ticket Exchange is the store where players can purchase items with their accumulated Castle Wars Tickets. The store is owned by Lanthus and is located in the Castle Wars lobby. Most of the items sold there are either for use in the Castle Wars game or as a decorative armour, equivalent to another set of armour in RuneScape.

In order to receive one of each, the player will need a total of 4,485 tickets. This is equivalent to 2,243 games, if all games are wins. This will account for 1,869 hours of gameplay, excluding waiting time between each game.

Each of the decorative armour pieces has the same stats as another type of armour.


Image Item Max. Stock Price (tickets)
Red decorative helm Red decorative helm 1 4
Red decorative body Red decorative body 1 8
Red decorative legs Red decorative legs 1 6
Red decorative skirt Red decorative skirt 1 6
Red decorative shield Red decorative shield 1 6
Red decorative sword Red decorative sword 1 5
White decorative helm White decorative helm 1 40
White decorative body White decorative body 1 80
White decorative legs White decorative legs 1 60
White decorative skirt White decorative skirt 1 60
White decorative shield White decorative shield 1 60
White decorative sword White decorative sword 1 50
Gold decorative helm Gold decorative helm 1 400
Gold decorative body Gold decorative body 1 800
Gold decorative legs Gold decorative legs 1 600
Gold decorative skirt Gold decorative skirt 1 600
Gold decorative shield Gold decorative shield 1 600
Gold decorative sword Gold decorative sword 1 500
Zamorak team hood Zamorak team hood 1 10
Zamorak team cloak Zamorak team cloak 1 10
Saradomin team hood Saradomin team hood 1 10
Saradomin team cloak Saradomin team cloak 1 10
Saradomin banner Saradomin banner 1 100
Zamorak banner Zamorak banner 1 100
Decorative magic hat Decorative magic hat 1 40
Decorative magic robe top Decorative magic robe top 1 80
Decorative magic robe legs Decorative magic robe legs 1 60
Decorative range top Decorative range top 1 80
Decorative range legs Decorative range legs 1 60
Decorative range quiver Decorative range quiver 1 40
Saradomin halo Saradomin halo 1 300
Zamorak halo Zamorak halo 1 300
Guthix halo Guthix halo 1 300

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