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This article is about the normal Slayer monster. For the boss variant, see Kraken.
Cave kraken
Cave kraken
Release date 30 January 2014 (Update)
Members? Yes
Combat level 127
Always drops None
Kraken' good time!
Combat info
Hitpoints 125
Aggressive No
Poisonous No
Max hit 13
Weakness Magic
Attack Styles
Slayer-icon Slayer info
Slayer level 87
Slayer XP 125
Category Cave kraken
Assigned by
Chaeldar chatheadNieve chatheadSteve chatheadDuradel chathead
Combat-icon Combat stats
Attack-icon Strength-icon Defence-icon Ranged-icon Magic-icon
1 1 150 1 120
Attack-icon Aggressive stats
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 +0 +0
Defence-icon Defensive stats
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 -63 +100
Other bonuses Immunities
Strength-icon RangedStrength-icon Attack-icon Poison hitsplat Venom hitsplat
+0 +0 +0 Not immune Not immune
Attack speed
Monster attack speed 4
Cave kraken icon

Cave kraken are slayer monsters that can only be attacked if players have them as a slayer assignment. To be assigned cave krakens, players require level 87 Slayer and 50 Magic.

Located at the Stronghold Slayer Cave, these monsters, along with their boss variant, are the only monsters to drop the Kraken tentacle and the Trident of the seas.

In order to attack a cave kraken, a player must disturb a whirlpool, causing the cave kraken to surface.

From any Slayer master:

Cave Krakens are found in subterranean lakes beneath the Gnome Stronghold. They're very hard to deal damage with ranged or melee attacks, so try Magic.

This suggests that Ranged or Melee attacks are heavily reduced. Melee cannot be used as they move around on a lake and cannot be attacked at close range. This might also suggest that using a Dwarf multicannon will have their attacks reduced as it is a ranged-based attack.


Disturbing whirlpool

A player disturbs a whirlpool, causing the cave kraken to surface.


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Staff of water Staff of water 1 Common 1,755
Adamant spear Adamant spear 1 Uncommon 1,051
Rune warhammer Rune warhammer 1 Uncommon 27,233
Battlestaff Battlestaff 1 Uncommon 9,013
Water battlestaff Water battlestaff 1 Uncommon 9,177
Mystic water staff Mystic water staff 1 Uncommon 28,083
Trident of the seas Uncharged trident 1 Rare (1/200) 109,702
Kraken tentacle Kraken tentacle 1 Very rare (1/1,200) 207,941


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Rune med helm Rune med helm 1 Common 11,775


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Steam rune Steam rune 7 Common 770
Water rune Water rune 15; 30; 75 Common 75–375
Fire rune Fire rune 30 Common 150
Death rune Death rune 30 Common 9,540
Chaos rune Chaos rune 30; 50 Common 3,030–5,050
Blood rune Blood rune 5; 15 Uncommon 1,305–3,915


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Belladonna seed 5 Belladonna seed 1 Uncommon 41
Herb seed 5 Toadflax seed 1 Uncommon 279
Herb seed 5 Irit seed 1 Uncommon 53
Herb seed 5 Avantoe seed 1 Uncommon 1,188
Herb seed 5 Kwuarm seed 1 Uncommon 1,823
Herb seed 5 Lantadyme seed 1 Uncommon 899
Herb seed 5 Cadantine seed 1 Uncommon 609
Poison ivy seed 5 Poison ivy seed 1 Uncommon 898
Cactus seed 5 Cactus seed 1 Uncommon 203
Herb seed 5 Snapdragon seed 1 Rare 38,183
Herb seed 5 Torstol seed 1 Very rare 18,624


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Grimy guam leaf Grimy guam leaf 1 Common 8
Grimy marrentill Grimy marrentill 1 Common 11
Grimy tarromin Grimy tarromin 1 Common 115
Grimy harralander Grimy harralander 1 Common 447
Grimy irit leaf Grimy irit leaf 1 Uncommon 1,006
Grimy avantoe Grimy avantoe 1 Uncommon 2,107
Grimy kwuarm Grimy kwuarm 1 Uncommon 1,945
Grimy cadantine Grimy cadantine 1 Uncommon 1,496
Grimy dwarf weed Grimy dwarf weed 1 Uncommon 936
Grimy ranarr weed Grimy ranarr weed 1 Rare 7,157
Grimy lantadyme Grimy lantadyme 1 Rare 1,943


Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Old boot Old boot 1 Common Not sold
Swamp tar Swamp tar 30; 60 Common 360–720
Seaweed Seaweed 30 (noted) Common 1,560
Coins 10000 Coins 123–19,770 Uncommon Not sold
Bucket Bucket 1 Uncommon 37
Raw lobster Raw lobster 3 (noted) Uncommon 681
Water orb Water orb 2 (noted) Uncommon 2,444
Water talisman Water talisman 1 Uncommon 146
Chaos talisman Chaos talisman 1 Uncommon 227
Oyster Oyster 1 Uncommon 47
Swordfish Swordfish 2 Uncommon 866
Shark Shark 1 Uncommon 964
Antidote++(4) Antidote++(4) 1 (noted) Uncommon 217
Vial of water Vial of water 50 Uncommon 200
Clue scroll (hard) Clue scroll (hard) 1 Rare Not sold
Clue scroll (elite) Clue scroll (elite) 1 Very rare (1/1,200) Not sold

Rare drop table

In addition to the drops above, this monster also has access to the rare drop table.

Show/hide rare drop table
Item Quantity Rarity GE market price
Coins 1000 Coins 3,000 Common Not sold
Uncut sapphire Uncut sapphire 1 Common 1,617
Loop half of key Loop half of key 1 Common 9,361
Tooth half of key Tooth half of key 1 Common 17,443
Uncut emerald Uncut emerald 1 Uncommon 939
Uncut ruby Uncut ruby 1 Uncommon 1,891
Nature talisman Nature talisman 1 Uncommon 1,940
Chaos talisman Chaos talisman 1 Uncommon 227
Nature rune Nature rune 67 Uncommon 15,745
Runite bar Runite bar 1 Uncommon 13,562
Rune spear Rune spear 1 Rare 12,610
Rune battleaxe Rune battleaxe 1 Rare 26,966
Rune 2h sword Rune 2h sword 1 Rare 40,596
Uncut diamond Uncut diamond 1 Rare 3,862
Rune javelin Rune javelin 5 Rare 595
Silver ore Silver ore 100 (noted) Rare 7,700
Adamant javelin Adamant javelin 20 Rare 1,360
Rune sq shield Rune sq shield 1 Rare 24,412
Steel arrow 5 Steel arrow 150 Rare 5,100
Rune arrow 5 Rune arrow 42 Rare 3,906
Law rune Law rune 45 Rare 7,965
Death rune Death rune 45 Rare 14,310
Dragonstone Dragonstone 1 Rare 15,563
Rune kiteshield Rune kiteshield 1 Rare 36,261
Dragon med helm Dragon med helm 1 Rare 63,211
Shield left half Shield left half 1 Very rare 74,592
Dragon spear Dragon spear 1 Very rare 42,316


  • Even though Tridents of the seas are uncommon[1], Cave kraken can only be attacked while on a Slayer task, therefore the availability of their drops are still considered to be rare.
  • Cave Krakens are recoloured, resized Sea Troll Queens.
  • Cave Krakens and their boss variant are similar to RuneScape 3's Strykewyrms, which can only be attacked while on a Slayer task and must be disturbed to fight.


  1. Mod Ash. "Trident of the seas". 30-Jan-2014. RuneScape *

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