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Niles random event

The Certer random event is when you are asked to identify a certain object by either, Niles, Miles, or Giles. Certers Miles, Niles, or Giles asks the player what the object is and presents three possible choices of what it is. If a player correctly identifies the item, they will receive a reward, such as an uncut ruby, sapphire, emerald, or diamond. It is also possible to receive a Loop half of key or a Tooth half of key. An incorrect choice would result in the player's inventory being noted and the player being teleported to a random location.


In RuneScape Classic, the certers ran exchange stalls around RuneScape converting various items into certificates ("certs" for short) for large quantity trading. Five of the items traded for one certificate, which were stackable. The tedious process involved making many trips from the bank to the certers.

When RuneScape 2 was released, the certers were removed from the game because the bank note system rendered them obsolete. Existing certificates were all converted into bank notes. Niles, Giles and Miles were soon re-released as this random event in reference to their old trade but the other certers were not.

In Postbag from the Hedge 35 (released 30 October 2008) Giles says:

We are most hopeful that this little piece of bureaucracy will soon be a thing of the past, and we can all go on a well-deserved holiday, or possibly even retire.
— Giles [1]

Although this suggests that this random event would have been removed, it was only modified in the Optional Randoms & Goblins update.

Before the random event rework, the certer gave the player four warnings. If the player yet ignored him, he teleported the player to a random, relatively safe place and turned his inventory and equipment into bank notes. Some players considered this very annoying during Combat.


  • When a player encountered a certer underwater, the certer would be wearing the same diving apparatus as the player.
  • Many have pointed out that these certers asked you a question, appearing that they genuinely need the answer, but they know which answer is right or wrong when you answered the question.
  • The certers used to only note items and not teleport the player; however, players took advantage of this by dropping any items they wished to remain un-noted and then answering incorrectly, resulting in the certers noting their raw materials and allowing the player to carry more.
  • When certers used to appear as random events, it was possible for them to continuously follow you around if you talked to them but exited out of the answering screen.


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