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Chasm of Fire
Chasm of Fire
Kingdom Great Kourend
Main Music Darkness in the Depths
Levels Three
Strongest Monster Black demon (level 172)
Quests No
Inhabitants/Race Demons, Humans
Chasm of Fire map
Click the map to view a larger version.

The Chasm of Fire is a dungeon located in the north-west corner of the Shayzien House, housing a variety of demons. All of the demons can only be killed while on a slayer task.

A dwarf multicannon can be used in the chasm.

At the bottom floor are several burnt bone and fire rune spawns.


There are several ways to access the dungeon:

  • The fairy ring code DJR will bring the players just southeast of the Chasm.
  • Using Xeric's talisman to teleport to Xeric's Look out and run northwest from there.
  • Using a Skill Necklace to teleport to the Woodcutting guild.
Chasm of Fire entrance

The entrance to the Chasm.



Monsters found in the Chasm of Fire include:

Monster Image Combat level Slayer level Slayer XP Quantity
Lesser demon Lesser demon 82 1 79 8
Greater demon Greater demon 92 1 87 17
Black demon Black demon 172 1 157 17


Chasm of Fire odd map

The map of the hidden level within the Chasm of Fire.

  • Via use of third-party programs, it is discovered that there is a hidden level beneath the bottom level. This level is currently inaccessible. When asked about this, Mod West stated "Figured I'd leave the bottom floor available, y'know, just in case."[1]


  1. Mod West. "Chasm of Fire easter egg (OSBuddy map floor 0)". April 27, 2017. Reddit *

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