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Choose Option is a feature in RuneScape which displays different actions that may be taken when you right-click on anything.

When the "Choose Option" interface appears, the layout agrees with the following.

  • The default option (the action performed with a left-click) is at the top.
  • All options below the default are listed in order of anticipated priority.
  • All player names are listed in white.
  • All non-stationary NPC names are listed in yellow as well as some stationary NPCs.
  • All blue/cyan names are features/objects in the landscape that can be interacted with or examined (such as an oak tree).
  • Some NPCs, such as King Awowogei, are blue, not yellow. These NPCs are always stationary.
  • All orange names are items that can be picked up and placed in your inventory.
  • When a player or an NPC with a combat level is selected, the level appears in parentheses next to the name. The colour of the combat level is based on the relationship between your combat level and the other player's or NPC's. Bright green represents ten levels below you, yellow represents an equal combat level, red represents ten levels above you, and yellow-green or orange represents a combat level one-nine levels less (yellow-green) or more (orange) than your own, with shades closer to yellow representing a level closer to your own.

The maximum options that can be chosen is 400.

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