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Clue scroll
Clue scroll
Release date 5 May 2004 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? No
Equipable? No
Stackable? No
High Alch 0 coins
Low Alch 0 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Weight 0 kg
A clue!

A Clue scroll is a reward that can be obtained randomly from killing monsters, playing minigames, fishing, woodcutting, or mining. Clue scrolls are the starting point of Treasure Trails - rewarding treasure hunts around RuneScape.

There are five different levels of Clue scrolls, and higher level ones have a wider variety of rewards; after the update of 18 June 2015 it is now possible to have one Clue scroll of each tier at a time, while previously you could not get any clue scroll at all until you completed or dropped the previous one.

Players can check how many steps have been completed in order to track progress on a Treasure Trail.

It should be noted, that if a player dies in the Wilderness with a clue scroll, they WILL LOSE it, unless it is an item kept on death, or if that player has a clue box. Players will find that the clue scroll will be gone upon returning to their loot otherwise. HOWEVER  When dying in the wilderness with a clue box, provided the player returns quick enough, will be able to loot their dropped clue scroll.

Easy clue scroll (level 1)Edit

Main article: Clue scroll (easy)

Easy clue scrolls are usually easy, short and without risk. These clues can be obtained as a drop from lower level monsters, pickpocketing H.A.M. members, or from Managing Miscellania. Possible rewards from easy clue scroll are the trimmed variants of bronze, iron, and black armour.

A level 2 Man or a level 2 Goblin are the lowest level NPCs to drop them, however without combat they can be stolen from a H.A.M. Member. High Agility and Thieving make this far simpler, but it can be done at Level 15 Thieving and Level 1 Agility. Rate is 1/50

Medium clue scroll (level 2)Edit

Main article: Clue scroll (medium)

Medium clue scrolls are slightly more complex, featuring coordinate clues (No longer requires a Sextant, Watch and Chart to complete). Killing Pyrefiends is a fast way to obtain a level 2 clue. Level 21 Guards are good alternatives for lower level players wanting to acquire medium clue scrolls as they are weak and can be found in many locations. The absolute fastest medium clue scroll farming technique involves catching Eclectic implings at 65+ hunter (50 required, 65 recommended). These have a 1/25 chance of rewarding the player with a medium clue scroll, and the south spawn can be camped efficiently in Puro-Puro. This can yield upwards of 6-9 clues an hour with energy potions and teleports. Note that this rate can be achieved if you open implings inside of Puro-Puro until you get a clue, and then filling up the remaining Impling jars for further opening after clue completion. 

Hard clue scroll (level 3)Edit

Main article: Clue scroll (hard)

Hard clue scrolls are usually longer and harder. Coordinate clues will always summon a Zamorak wizard (inside the wilderness) or a Saradomin wizard (outside the wilderness) excluding one in the duel arena. Both wizards use magic, while the Saradomin wizard can use poisonous melee. Level 3 clue scrolls are usually rewarding, since they include rune items, and the more expensive Treasure Trail rewards (such as Third age armour).

Elite clue scroll (level 4)Edit

Main article: Clue scroll (elite)

Elite clue scrolls requires numerous skills and quests, and are the hardest and most exhausting clues. There is a possibility to encounter Bandosian Guard or Armadylian Guard during coordinate clues.

Master clue scroll (level 5)Edit

Main article: Clue scroll (master)

Master clue scrolls are obtainable by trading one of each clue level (easy, medium, hard and elite) to Watson, who is found in the northern house with a loom, just west of the Hosidius House bank in Great Kourend. They are also obtainable as a reward from lower level clue scrolls.

List of clue scroll dropping monstersEdit



  • It is possible, though very uncommon, for the player to receive the same clue multiple times in a row, regardless of occurrence.
  • Players can wear a ring of wealth (i) to double the drop rate of Clue scrolls from monsters in the Wilderness. However, if the player dies, the ring of wealth loses the imbue and the player will have to re-imbue it.

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