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NPC Combat level Location of monster Drop rate
Clue Bottle N/A Randomly appears while caging Lobsters
Skotizo 321 Lower level of the Catacombs of Kourend 1/5
Barrows chest N/A East of Mort'ton, Barrows 1/200 per brother killed, 1/33 if all are killed
Dragon impling N/A Puro-Puro or overworld 1/50
Callisto 470 Wilderness, Demonic Ruins 1/100 (1/50 if using Ring of wealth (i))
Venenatis 464 Wilderness, Bone Yard 1/100 (1/50 if using Ring of wealth (i))
Vet'ion 454 Wilderness, Bone Yard 1/100 (1/50 if using Ring of wealth (i))
Zulrah 725 Shrine east of Zul-Andra 1/75
Kalphite Queen 333 Kalphite Hive 1/100
Chaos Elemental 305 Wilderness, Rogues' Castle 1/200 (1/100 if using Ring of wealth (i))
Cerberus 318 Cerberus' Lair 1/100
Lava dragon 252 Wilderness, Lava Dragon Isle 1/250 (1/125 if using Ring of wealth (i))
Abyssal Sire 350 Abyssal Nexus 1/180
Corporeal Beast 785 Cavern underneath the Wilderness (accessible via games necklace) 1/200
General Graardor 624 God Wars Dungeon 1/250
K'ril Tsutsaroth 650 God Wars Dungeon 1/250
Commander Zilyana 596 God Wars Dungeon 1/250
Kree'arra 580 God Wars Dungeon 1/250
Mithril dragon 304 Ancient Cavern 1/350
Skeletal Wyvern 140 Asgarnian Ice Dungeon 1/350
King Black Dragon 276 King Black Dragon Lair 1/450
Demonic gorilla 275 Crash Site Cavern 1/500
Giant Mole 230 Falador Mole Lair 1/500
Black dragon 227 Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze, Evil Chicken's Lair, Stronghold Slayer Cave 1/500
Kraken 291 Stronghold Slayer Cave 1/500
Steel dragon 246 Brimhaven Dungeon, Stronghold Slayer Cave 1/500
Salarin the Twisted 70 Yanille Agility dungeon 1/500
Thermonuclear smoke devil 301 Stronghold Slayer Cave 1/500
Dagannoth Prime, Rex, Supreme 303 Waterbirth Island Dungeon 1/750
Abyssal demon 124 Abyssal Area, Stronghold Slayer Cave, Slayer Tower 1/1,200
Dark beast 182 Mourner Tunnels 1/1,200
Cave kraken 127 Stronghold Slayer Cave 1/1,200
Lizardman shaman 150 West of Lizardman Canyon 1/1,200
Smoke devil 160 Stronghold Slayer Cave 1/1,200

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