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Monster name Combat level Location of monster
Aberrant spectre 96 Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Abyssal demon 124 Slayer Tower, Abyssal Area, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Ankou 75, 82, 86 Stronghold of Security, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Black demon 172 Taverley Dungeon, Edgeville Dungeon (Wilderness area), Brimhaven Dungeon, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Black dragon 227 Taverley Dungeon, Lava Maze, Evil Chicken's Lair, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Bloodveld 76, 81 Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave, God Wars Dungeon
Blue dragon 111 Taverley Dungeon, Heroes' Guild, Ogre Enclave
Bronze dragon 131 Brimhaven Dungeon, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Brutal Green Dragon 227 Ancient Cavern
Cave horror 80 Mos Le'Harmless
Cave kraken 127 Stronghold Slayer Cave
Cyclops 56, 76, 106 Warriors' Guild, Ardougne Zoo
Dagannoth Prime 303 Waterbirth Island
Dagannoth Rex 303 Waterbirth Island
Dagannoth Supreme 303 Waterbirth Island
Dark beast 182 Mourner Tunnels
Elder chaos druid 182 Wilderness
Elf warrior 90, 108 Lletya
Experiment No. 2 92 Witch's House in Taverley
Gangster 45, 50 Tackle organised crime
Gang boss 76 Tackle organised crime
Gargoyle 111 Slayer Tower
Gorak 145, 129 Gorak Plane
Greater demon 92 Brimhaven Dungeon, Ogre Enclave, Entrana Dungeon, Demonic Ruins, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Green dragon 79 Wilderness
Hellhound 122 Taverley Dungeon, Witchaven Dungeon
Iron dragon 189 Brimhaven Dungeon, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Jelly 78 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon
Kurask 106 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Desert Slayer Dungeon
Nechryael 115 Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Red dragon 152 Brimhaven Dungeon
Skotizo 321 Lower level of the Catacombs of Kourend (100% drop)
Steel dragon 246 Brimhaven Dungeon, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Suqah 111 Lunar Isle
Terror Dog 100, 110 The Lair of Tarn Razorlor
Turoth 83, 85, 87 Fremennik Slayer Dungeon, Desert Slayer Dungeon
Twisted Banshee 89 Catacombs of Kourend
Tyras guard 110 Tyras Camp
Waterfiend 115 Ancient Cavern, Stronghold Slayer Cave

Level 3 clue scrolls may also be obtained from:

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