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A combination rune is any rune that takes two types of the elemental runes (fire, earth, air, and water) and combine them, which essentially makes two runes in one. The following combination runes are available in the game:

Rune Combination Runecrafting Level Equivalent staff
Mist rune Mist rune Air rune Air rune and Water rune Water rune 6 Mist battlestaff Mist battlestaff (Mystic mist staff)
Dust rune Dust rune Air rune Air rune and Earth rune Earth rune 10 Dust battlestaff Dust battlestaff (Mystic dust staff)
Mud rune Mud rune Water rune Water rune and Earth rune Earth rune 13 Mud battlestaff Mud battlestaff (Mystic mud staff)
Smoke rune Smoke rune Air rune Air rune and Fire rune Fire rune 15 Smoke battlestaff Smoke battlestaff (Mystic smoke staff)
Steam rune Steam rune Water rune Water rune and Fire rune Fire rune 19 Steam battlestaff Steam battlestaff (Mystic steam staff)
Lava rune Lava rune Earth rune Earth rune and Fire rune Fire rune 23 Lava battlestaff Lava battlestaff (Mystic lava staff)

To make such runes, players need to bring pure essence, an amount of certain elemental runes that is equal to the amount of pure essence, and a talisman to enter the altar they choose (unless accessing the altar via the Abyss). In order to create the combination runes, you must use the Talisman on the Rune Altar. For example, if a player wishes to make 10 steam runes, they could bring one of the following sets of items:

You don't need exactly the amount of runes as pure essence in your inventory. In the first example, it is perfectly okay to carry one-hundred Water runes.

However, the chance of successfully binding the runes together is only 50%, and the talisman used to make the combination runes is consumed in the process. A worn Necklace of Binding increases this chance of success to 100%, though it can only be used 16 times before it is destroyed.

Alternately, players may use the Lunar Magic spell Magic Imbue to make combination runes without using a talisman.

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