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Count Check
Count Check
Release date 3 October 2016 (Update)
Race Vampyre
Members only? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Lumbridge
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Has a couple of points to make about security.
Count Check location
Count Check chathead

Count Check is a vampyre located outside the Lumbridge castle's courtyard. He will advise players to have made a unique password and have two-step verification for their registered recovery email. In addition, he can check whether players have enabled the Authenticator and Bank PIN.

He can also teleport players to the entrance of the Stronghold of Security to learn more about account security. However, this can only be done once.

The player may ask Count Check to count for them, prompting him to recite four tips for account security:

  • One... unique password.
  • Two... step email verification.
  • Free... authenticator.
  • Four... digit bank PIN!


  • Count Check's name is likely a play on "Account check".
  • When asked to count, he says "free" instead of "three" to indicate that the authenticator is free to set up.

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