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Crash Site Cavern

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Crash Site Cavern
Crash Site Cavern
Kingdom Gnome Empire
Main Music Monkey Badness
Levels 1
Strongest Monster Demonic gorilla
Quests Monkey Madness II
Inhabitants/Race Demons
Crash Site Cavern map
Click the map to view a larger version.

The Crash Site Cavern is a cave located north of the Tree Gnome Stronghold. It is visited during Monkey Madness II, where the final battle is fought. It remains accessible after completing the quest, where it is inhabited by tortured and demonic gorillas, which drop the components used to create the light and heavy ballista, as well as zenyte shards used to create zenyte jewellery.

Most of the caverns follow the multi-way combat mechanic, although there is a single-way area that can be accessed by a small set of stairs east of the exit.

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