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Bronze crossbowBlurite crossbowIron crossbowSteel crossbowMith crossbowAdamant crossbowRune crossbowArmadyl crossbow
Ammunition Bolts
Two handed? No (except for Karil's crossbow
Speed Monster attack speed 4

Crossbows are weapons used in ranged combat that require a certain Ranged level to wield. They are different than bows in that they are horizontal and can be held with one hand, allowing a player to carry a shield with the other. Non-members are recommended to stay with bows as the crossbows available to them are weak, while members have very strong crossbows. Crossbows require ammunition in the form of bolts.

Free-to-play crossbows Edit

Free-to-play has access to only two crossbows that are both available from level 1 Ranged. They have both +6 Ranged accuracy and are capable of shooting just Bronze bolts.

Metal crossbows Edit

Metal crossbows can be created through the Fletching skill. Most limbs and stocks can be purchased at the crossbow stall in the dwarven city of Keldagrim.

Other crossbows Edit

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