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Dark beasts can be killed with melee, magic or ranged. Melee is the most effective against them and should be used in conjunction with high prayer bonus armor for protect from melee. To maximize profit, bring a herb sack and a gem bag so you can loot all herbs and gems you receive.


When using melee to kill dark beasts, always turn on magic protection after you have killed a dark beast. Other dark beasts will be aggressive towards you instantly and use their magic attacks if they are out of melee range. Proselyte and initiate gear is recommended to reduce the prayer point waste.

The Saradomin godsword is an excellent choice as it can be used to receive free prayer points. As the special attack also heals, high level players do not need to bring food.


Slayer helmet
Fire cape
Amulet of torture
Holy blessing
Zamorakian hasta
Proselyte hauberk
Dragon defender
Proselyte cuisse
Barrows gloves
Primordial boots
Berserker ring (i)



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