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Deadfall traps are a type of Hunting trap. They can first be created at level 23, allowing players to catch Wild kebbits in the Piscatoris Hunter area. All deadfall traps need a knife and some logs to be created. Rather than bringing the logs to make deadfall traps, it's advisable that players bring a woodcutting axe to cut their own logs at the hunting area, with the exception of Kruk's Dungeon, where a Kruk monkey greegree and bananas are needed to catch maniacal monkeys.

Level Req Creature Exp Area
23 Wild kebbit 128 Piscatoris
33 Barb-tailed kebbit 168 Feldip
37 Prickly kebbit 204 Piscatoris
51 Sabre-toothed kebbit 200 Rellekka
60 Maniacal monkey 1,000 Kruk's Dungeon

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