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Not to be confused with Grim Reaper.
Release date 24 October 2013 (Update)
Race Undead
Members only? No
Quest NPC? No
Location Anywhere a player died (only during Hallowe'en events)
Sells items? No
Gender Male
Do not fear the Reaper.

Death is a non-player character who appears at a player's death during Hallowe'en events. When he appears, he proclaims a random phrase (a list of which can be seen below). According to Mod Ash, Death is an aspect of the Grim Reaper, and is merely a visual representation of the "inconceivable reality"[1].

He is removed at the end of each holiday event.

Other phrases said by DeathEdit

  • Let me escort you to (respawn point), (player name)...
  • (PLAYER NAME) is mine!
  • Now is the time you die, (player name).
  • Muahahahahaha!
  • There is no escape, (player name)...
  • Beware Mortals. (player name) travels with me now.
  • I claim (player name) as my own.
  • Your time here is over, (player name).
  • I have come for you, (player name)!
Death appears

Death claiming a player as they die.


  • His examine text, "Don't fear the Reaper", is a reference to the Blue Öyster Cult's song, "(Don't Fear) The Reaper."
  • A possibility is that Death is a lesser reaper, or that "Death" is a generic term for all lesser reapers (explaining why multiple Deaths can appear at once).


  1. Mod Ash. "Is Death the Grim Reaper?". November 4 2015. Twitter *

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