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Instruction manual
This is the quick guide for Death Plateau (quest).
For a more in-depth version, click here.


Start point Quest Speak to Denulth at his tent in the Burthorpe camp.
Official difficulty Novice
Description None
Length Medium
Requirements None
Items required

Recommended: Games necklace

Enemies to defeat None


Death plateau puzzle

The Equipment RoomEdit

  • Speak to Denulth in the Burthorpe camp.
  • Ask Eohric on the 1st floor[U.K. floor] of the castle about the guard that was on duty last night.
  • Speak to Harold upstairs in the bar.
  • Talk to Eohric again.
  • Talk to Harold, you must bet over 60 gold (500 to immediately bankrupt him):
    • Give him Asgarnian ales until he asks for a Blurberry special.
    • Give him the Blurberry special and offer to gamble. You will automatically win.
    • He will then give you an "IOU" that you will then read and discover it is written on a combination.
  • Go to the castle and place the 5 colored balls as shown.
  • Go through the door north of the balls and climb the ladder.
  • Speak to the archer. (Left click will attack)

The Secret PathEdit

  • Go north-west, enter the cave.
  • Ask Saba about another way up Death Plateau.
  • Continue north-west then south at the fork.
  • Talk to Tenzing.
  • Talk to Dunstan by the anvil in Burthorpe.
  • Talk to Denulth again.
  • Talk to Dunstan to exchange your climbing boots and iron bar for spiked boots.
  • Return to Tenzing, give him 10 bread, 10 trout, and the spiked boots to get his map.
  • Hop the stile and take the path north, then follow it east (past the second mountain goat) until a message appears in the chat box (NOT the Death Plateau warning)
  • Talk to Denulth. (make sure you have the combination with you when you do)
  • Quest complete!

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