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Rogues' Castle
Lava Dragon Isle Demonic Ruins Fountain of Rune
Bone Yard
Demonic Ruins

A player in the Demonic Ruins.

The Demonic Ruins, formerly known as Annakarl, is a desecrated temple that is located in the level 44-48 Wilderness. Players who are within range of the ruins will have their prayer points slowly recharged. The ruins are a multicombat area and are notable for being the only place to find greater demons on free-to-play worlds.

Players can use Ranged and Magic attacks to fight the greater demons from safespots in the ruins. Players can also restock on food at the nearby cage/harpoon fishing spot if necessary. The Demonic Ruins are also a respawn point for blood runes and burnt bones. Additionally, the Ancient Magicks spell Annakarl Teleport can take players here.

Characters with low Defence will find this location useful for finishing greater demon Slayer tasks, as they can use the Protect from Melee prayer here with their prayer points draining slower than usual.

As this area is located in the Wilderness, other players may attack you here. Do not bring items that you are not willing to lose.

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