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[1]Demonic gorillas are dangerous foes. The below lists generally accepted strategies to make defeating them easier.

Note that completion of Monkey Madness II is a requirement to fight these foes.

Quick travel tip is to use the Royal seed pod to travel to the gnome stronghold and run north-west from there. You will find a piece of broken fence where you can pass through. Once on the other side follow the path up to the cave and you will have reached the area.

Remember: Use a Slayer helmet (or imbued variant) if you are on a Black demon task, as Demonic gorillas count towards them and will increase damage and accuracy.


Stats recommendedEdit

Higher stats are recommended because of their powerful attacks and relatively high defence. It would be best to have at least:


Many combinations of armour can be used to fight these monsters. It is best to use a combination of Melee and Ranged as their Magic defense is very high. Below is a list of the most effective items:

Melee + Ranged (on slayer task)Edit

If you're not on task then void melee and void range provide easy 2-3 way switches.

This setup comprises:



Demonic gorillas use all three forms of combat, although they will stick to one of them at a time.

  • Ranged: The gorilla throws rocks at you.
  • Magic: The gorilla sends a blast of green colored magic at you.
  • Boulder toss: The gorilla throws a boulder at your location. If you do not move when it lands, it will deal heavy damage.

Demonic gorillas will change combat styles throughout the fight; by standing at a distance, you can easily predict the next type of combat they will use. If they get close to you, you will know that they will melee; if they stay put, they are most likely going to use magic/ranged. After a demonic gorilla misses three times in a row in any given combat style, they will change their form of combat. Their attack style changes on the same tick as the 3rd failed attack of the same style. They will not change their attack style to a style that you are already protecting from. For example: if you are protecting magic, and they are currently using ranged, and then subsequently miss their 3rd ranged attack (despite you protecting from magic), they will either then switch to melee attack style or will return to ranged for another 3 attack (this is likely them trying to switch to mage, but then switching again since you were already protecting from magic during the start of their new attack style). Gorillas will also switch their attack style prematurely if they are trying to melee and are being attacked by a target they cannot reach (which can also result in multiple iterations of the same attack style).

Demonic gorillas will also change their overhead prayers when they take 50+ damage from one combat style. Verac's set effect will not work when they are using Protect from Melee.

Demonic gorillas reside in both a single and multi-way area. Only attack them in the single-way location, as it is dangerous to use the multi-way area when there is no one around that location.

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