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Dragon med helm
Dragon med helm
Release date 24 September 2002 (Update)
Members only? Yes
Quest item? No
Tradeable? Yes
Equipable? Yes
Stackable? No
High Alch 60,000 coins
Low Alch 40,000 coins
Destroy Drop
Store price Not sold
Exchange price 60,230 coins (info)
Buy limit Unknown
Weight 1 kg
Makes the wearer pretty intimidating.
Dragon med helm detail
Dragon med helm chathead

The dragon med helm is a piece of armour which requires 60 Defence to equip. It was the first piece of dragon armour to be released.

It can drop from any monster that has access to the Rare drop table, including but not limited to: Fire giants, the King Black Dragon, Black dragons, Black demons, Abyssal demons, Steel dragons, Iron dragons, Bronze dragons, the Kalphite Queen, Giant Mole, Blue dragons, Nechryaels, Red dragons, Kalphite guardians, and Otherworldly being. It can also be found in the Barrows chest as a separate item with 100% rewards potential and all brothers killed.

Offering slightly more defensive power than the helm of neitiznot, the dragon med helm is one of the more powerful non-degradable helmets in the game. Many players, however, favour other helmets that provide a strength, or attack bonus, or penalise ranged and magic bonuses less. Also, the dragon med helm is often considered less prestigious than other helmets due to its lack of any quest requirements. However, it is still a very practical item.

As with most Dragon equipment, players cannot make this item using the Smithing skill.

Hover over image for type Dragon chain set leg equipped
A player wearing dragon armour
Attack-icon Attack bonus
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+0 +0 +0 -3 -1
Defence-icon Defence bonus
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic-icon Ranged-icon
+33 +35 +32 -1 +34
Melee Other bonuses Slot
Strength-icon RangedStrength-icon MagicDamage-icon Prayer-icon

Head slotlist

+0 0 0% +0

Dropping monstersEdit

Monster Combat level Quantity Rarity
Brutal blue dragon 271 1 4; Rare
King Black Dragon 276 1 4; Rare
Brutal red dragon 289 1 4; Rare
Brutal black dragon 318 1 4; Rare
Zulrah 725 1 4; Rare
Rare drop table Varies 1 5; Very rare


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