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RuneScape 3 icon

Emote button
Emote tab

The emote interface.

Emotes are a selection of movements that a player can perform. Some emotes are unlocked by default, to be unlocked through random events, quests, the stronghold of security, holiday events, or obtaining a skillcape. Emotes are currently the only way one can communicate as a muted player.

Emotes are depicted as characters in the Emotes tab. One character is a man in full white armour with a medium white helmet, another character is a man in a default outfit with brown hair, another character being a woman seemingly wearing a blue Dwarf shirt and skirt,  one is a Jester (as in the Neitiznot jester outfit), Romeo, a cave goblin, a mime,  a woman with a bronze platebody and a dragon plateskirt, a zombie, and a skillcape-wearer.

Emote icons that are bright in colour represent emotes that you have unlocked; either by default, or through the completion of a circumstance. On the other hand, dimmed out emote icons represent the emotes you have yet to unlock. Though the icon itself is obscured showing mostly the black frame, one can still hover over each locked emote to know its name.


Default emotes are emotes unlocked upon creating an account. Thus, all players readily start off with 23 emotes regardless of gameplay progress.

These 23 emotes comprise of simple animations mainly for communication in complement with the chat system, though they are also be used in treasure trail as a part of completing a clue scroll. One may use emotes when muted in means of communicating with others.


A player performing the Dance emote.

Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name Icon Name
Yes emote icon
No emote icon
Bow emote icon
Angry emote icon
Think emote icon
Wave emote icon
Shrug emote icon
Cheer emote icon
Beckon emote icon
Laugh emote icon
Jump for Joy emote icon
Jump for Joy
Yawn emote icon
Dance emote icon
Jig emote icon
Spin emote icon
Headbang emote icon
Cry emote icon
Blow Kiss emote icon
Blow Kiss
Panic emote icon
Raspberry emote icon
Clap emote icon
Salute emote icon


Goblin Salute

A player performing the Goblin Salute emote.

These emotes are related to certain quests. Quests emotes can be unlocked during a quest. As for now, all quests related to these emotes requires membership to be started. Thus all quest emotes are indirectly members-only.

Icon Name Info
Goblin Bow emote icon
Goblin Bow These emotes are unlocked during The Lost Tribe quest.
Goblin Salute emote icon
Goblin Salute

Random eventsEdit

These emotes are related to random events. Players must be presented with the event itself and complete it to unlock the emotes.

When completing either the Drill Demon, Mime or Gravedigger random event, players can be rewarded the typical costume piece the usual random events offer, or unlock an emote.

Push up

A player performing the Push up emote.

Icon Name Info
Glass Box emote icon
Glass Box These emotes are unlocked from participating in the mime random event.
Climb Rope emote icon
Climb Rope
Lean emote icon
Glass Wall emote icon
Glass Wall
Zombie Walk emote icon
Zombie Walk These emotes are unlocked from participating in the Gravedigger random event.
Zombie Dance emote icon
Zombie Dance
Sit up emote icon
Sit up These emotes are unlocked from participating in the Drill Demon random event.
Push up emote icon
Push up
Star jump emote icon
Star jump
Jog emote icon


Achievement diary cape (t) emote

A player performing the Achievement diary cape (t)'s skillcape emote.

These emotes are related to certain achievements in the game. Achievements emotes vary in requirements, conditions and restrictions of method to be unlocked.

The Skillcape emote is unlocked by default, though is categorised as an achievements emote due to the restriction of skill mastery. Without an eligible cape, the message You need to be wearing a skillcape in order to perform that emote. will appear in the chatbox even though this does not necessarily work with only skillcapes.

Icon Name Info
Skillcape emote icon Skillcape To perform this emote you will need to be wearing one of the 26 Capes of Accomplishments, which can be bought from selected NPCs once achieving skill mastery (level 99).
Air Guitar emote icon
Air Guitar This emote is unlocked once all non-holiday music have been unlocked and a music cape is purchased.
Uri Transform emote icon
Uri Transform This emote is unlocked once the player completes 300 hard clue scrolls.

Player securityEdit

These emotes are related to the Stronghold of Security. Player security emotes are unlocked level intervals of the dungeon from the central chest.


A player performing the Stamp emote.

Icon Name Info
Idea emote icon
Idea This emote is unlocked from the Box of Health.
Stamp emote icon
Stamp This emote is unlocked from the Cradle of Life.
Flap emote icon
This emote is unlocked from the Gift of Peace.
Slap Head emote icon
Slap Head This emote is unlocked from the Grain of Plenty.

Holiday eventsEdit

These emotes are related to holiday events. Holiday events emotes are unlocked upon completion of a seasonal event of a particular year, and are unique to the events as they cannot be unlocked by any other means. All previous holiday events emotes will be unlocked given that the player completed the event on that particular year.

Icon Name Info
Rabbit Hop emote icon
Rabbit Hop Unlocked during the 2013 Easter event. Available on all Easter events afterwards.
Scared emote icon
Scared Unlocked during the 2013 Hallowe'en event. Available on all Hallowe'en events afterwards.
Zombie Hand emote icon
Zombie Hand Unlocked during the 2014 Hallowe'en event. Available on all Hallowe'en events afterwards.
Hypermobile Drinker emote icon
Hypermobile Drinker Unlocked during the 2015 Hallowe'en event. Available on all Hallowe'en events afterwards.

Penguin emotesEdit

These emotes are related to the quest Cold War and the clockwork suit. Penguin emotes are unique in which they could only be played when the player takes form of a penguin in the clockwork suit.

Penguin emotes were first encountered during the Cold War quest in which a sequence was used to convince the penguin at Ardougne Zoo. After the quests, players may reaccess the emotes by wearing the suit via Larry as many times as pleased.

Icon Name Emote Icon Name Emote
Shiver (Penguin) emote icon
Shiver Shiver
Cheer (Penguin) emote icon
Cheer Penguin cheer
Spin (Penguin) emote icon
Spin Penguin spin
Wave (Penguin) emote icon
Wave Penguin wave
Clap (Penguin) emote icon
Clap Penguin clap
Preen emote icon
Preen Preen
Bow (Penguin) emote icon
Bow Penguin Bow
Flap (Penguin) emote icon
Flap Penguin flap

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