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This article is about a player's ability to run rather than walk. For a player's health, see Hitpoints.

Run energy (sometimes called Stamina or Run) is a player's ability to run rather than walk around the landscape, and is measured as a percentage. Players all run at the same rate, unless their energy is at 0%, in which case they cannot run at all. Running is exactly twice as fast as walking. A player running covers 20 squares per 6 seconds, while a player walking covers 10 squares per 6 seconds.

The energy level is displayed in the game's options screen and is displayed by the minimap if the Dataorb option is toggled. These values show how much longer a player can run. Players can switch this option on to run everywhere they go, or they can run to one particular destination by holding down Ctrl when they click to move (see Game controls). Free players and players with Agility level of 1, have a recovery rate of 1 energy every 7.5 seconds. Whereas at level 50 agility, the rate is 1 energy per 4 seconds.

Using energyEdit

Energy starts at 100% by default, but decreases as the player runs around. The rate at which it goes down increases with the weight of the items they are carrying (i.e. items in the inventory and any items they are wearing or have equipped). You lose ((\max(weight , 64) / 100) + 0.64)\% run energy for every 2 covered squares (for each game tick of 0.6 seconds). Having negative weight has no extra effect on energy, it is the same as having 0kg weight.

When the energy reaches 0%, the player can only walk until their energy recovers. The "run" option is also automatically switched off.

Recovering energyEdit

Energy gradually recovers (increasing up to a maximum of 100%) any time that the player is not running, i.e. walking or standing still, except at certain times when the player is doing something else, such as crossing an agility obstacle. The rate at which it recovers increases with the player's Agility level, but does not recover at all when the player is logged out of the game. The following formula shows the amount of run energy that will be regained per second:

\frac{\frac{8+(\frac{N}{6})}{0.6}}{100} where N is the player's agility level.

You regain 8 + (Agility Level / 6) energy units every 0.6 seconds (one server cycle). 10,000 energy units is 100% run energy. The natural recovery rate at level 1 Agility is 1% per 7.5 seconds. There is no difference when walking or standing still.

Energy-restoring Items (members only)Edit

Energy can be recovered more quickly by using a number of items:

Name Percentage-points of energy recovered
Guthix rest 5%
Papaya 10%
White tree fruit 16%
Energy potion 10% (per dose)
Stamina potion 20% (per dose) + additional effects
Purple sweets 10% (per piece)
Summer pie 10% (per bite)
Super energy potion 20% (per dose)
Strange fruit 30%
Mint cake 50%
Gout tuber 50%
Winter sq'irkjuice 10%
Spring sq'irkjuice 20%
Autumn sq'irkjuice 30%
Summer sq'irkjuice 40%
Bandages (only usable in Castle Wars) 30%
Explorer's ring 1 50% (twice daily)
Explorer's ring 2 50% (thrice daily)
Explorer's ring 3 50% (four times daily)
Explorer's ring 4 100% (thrice daily)


  • After a duel in the Duel Arena, energy will be restored to 100%. Dying will also fully restore energy (as well all other reduced stats).
  • After entering and leaving free-for-all Clan Wars portal, energy and stats would be restored

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