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Entrana Dungeon
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Kingdom Entrana
Main Music Underground
Levels 1
Strongest Monster During Lost City: Dramen Tree Spirit
After quest: Greater demon
Quests Lost City
Inhabitants/Race Zombies, Demons, Dramen Tree Spirit
Entrana Dungeon map
Click the map to view a larger version.
Entrana Dungeon location
Location on World Map
Legends' Guild Entrana Dungeon Falador

The Entrana Dungeon is found on the northwest corner of Entrana. After entering the dungeon it is not possible to climb back up to Entrana.

It is used during the Lost City and Recipe for Disaster quests. The only exit available is a magical door, which leads to the Wilderness.

There are zombies, greater demons and during the Lost City quest, a Dramen Tree Spirit. This is one of the few non-wilderness spots to slay greater demons. However, armour and weapons can't be brought to the island, so the player must create their own.

Warning: Entering the cave drains the player's Prayer to almost zero. There is no way to prevent it.

Dramen TreeEdit

The main use for this dungeon is the Dramen Tree. During Lost City and when freeing Sir Amik Varze in Recipe for Disaster, the player has to cut some branches from this tree.

As the player cuts it, a level 101 Dramen Tree Spirit will appear and attack them.

You do not have to defeat the spirit again after slaying it once.


  • Taverley Dungeon can be seen whilst in the dungeon, since it is part of the dungeon itself, but inaccessible from it.


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