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Details Edit

Start point Quest Talk to Dimintheis in south-east Varrock.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description There is a man in Varrock who needs a bit of help. He is of noble heritage, but without his family's crest, he can't prove it. Unfortunately, his three sons took the crest with them when they left, scattering all across RuneScape.
Length Medium
Items required
Enemies to defeat Chronozon (Level 170)

*Quick guide below walkthrough.

Walkthrough Edit

Warning: This quest will lead you into the Wilderness.

The Crest Edit

To begin, talk with Dimintheis, who lives in the fenced off area of Varrock in the south-east area next to the clothing shop. He'll tell you about how without his family's crest, he can't prove his heritage and take back his estate. His sons took the crest when they left, and he doesn't know where they all are, though last he heard, Caleb was working as a chef in Catherby.

Caleb Edit

Head to Catherby. At the very north edge of town (just south of farming supply store) is a chef, usually inside the building with the sink, though he wanders outside sometimes. This is Caleb. Talk to him, and he'll say his brothers and he accidentally broke the crest into three parts and each of them ended up with a piece. Luckily, he still has his piece, though he's not going to just hand it over to any passing stranger. He has an important event coming up, and he needs some fish for a special salad. Get them for him, and he'll give you the piece of the crest. What you need is shrimp, salmon, tuna, bass, and swordfish all cooked. All but the salmon can be fished right there in Catherby. Once you have all of that, give it to him and he'll give you the piece as promised, along with a little bit of info. He'll say that the gem trader in Al Kharid might know more about the location of Avan.

Avan Edit

When you talk to the gem trader in Al Kharid, he will remember the person you're looking for, direction you north towards the gold rocks in a pit in the desert. Head there and talk to the man wandering around just at the entrance to the pit with a yellow cape on. This is, indeed, Avan, as he'll tell you when you ask him. He's not giving up his piece of the crest though unless you can help him win the affection of a certain lady by getting him a ring and necklace made out of perfect gold. Unfortunately, the stuff there in the desert isn't nearly good enough. He'll tell you a dwarf named Boot might know something about where to find the gold.

Dwarven Mines

Boot is located towards the far west end of Dwarven Mine.

Make your way to Falador and go into Dwarven Mines. From that entrance, go north around the rock (or through the Agility shortcut), and head westward down the tunnel past the anvils. Boot should be wandering around down there. Talk to him and ask him about perfect gold. He'll come up with a likely location. It's a small dungeon just between Ardougne and Witchaven. You've already been there if you've done the Slug Menace quest.

Either way, go to the dungeon. If you need to, make sure to get your pickaxe as well as some food and armour, as there are a bunch of level 28 Hobgoblins, level 53 Ogres, and a few level 122 Hellhounds that you'll have to either fight or avoid. Walk farther inside (not into the false wall, if you have done Menace, but down the tunnel, east). A little bit to the south will be a small caged area with a couple of hellhounds inside, along with the gold rocks you need to mine. To the north and south are two rooms with levers in and outside of them. You'll have to do a little bit of a lever puzzle here to open the gate to the hellhounds.

  1. Go to the north wall and flip the switch.
  2. Go south, enter the room, and flip the switch inside.
  3. Go north again and flip that lever.
  4. Enter the north room and flip the switch.
  5. Exit the room and hit the lever.
  6. Go to the south room and pull the lever.
  7. Go to the middle cage, get at least 2 perfect gold ore and get out.

Now, get your rubies, your ring mould, and your necklace mould and go to any furnace that's handy (perhaps the one in Al Kharid). Smelt the ore into perfect gold bars and then make the perfect ruby ring and perfect ruby necklace (If you just make gold jewellery they will not be 'perfect') just like you would any other ring and necklace, just make sure to use the gold you just got. Once you have the items, head back to Al Kharid and give them to Avan. As a reward, he'll give you the second piece of the crest and will tell you how to find his brother.

Chonozon safe spot

Chronozon safe spot.

Jonathon Edit

The last brother is holed up in the Jolly Boar Inn north east of Varrock near the edge of the Wilderness. He's on the first floor huddled in a room. Bring your anti-poison potion with you and go up to talk to him. He'll tell you he got bit by a poisonous spider. Give him the antidote and he'll be very grateful and be able to relate to you what happened. Apparently, he got cocky and decided he wanted to try to kill a powerful demon named Chronozon. The demon sent him packing and in the process stole the last piece of the crest. If you want it back, you'll have to finish what Johnathon started.

Note: in Old School Runescape, Chronozon is located in level 2 wilderness south of the black demons in the Edgeville Dungeon. In Runescape 3, he was moved out of the wilderness area in Edgeville Dungeon, just north of the entrance.

Chronozon can now be found near the poison spiders in the Edgeville Dungeon. You'll need to bring food, armour, an anti-poison potion for the poison spiders, and enough runes to cast each elemental Blast spell at least once, though it will probably take more than one casting, especially if you're lower level. This is because if the spell just "splashes" on him, it doesn't count. You have to actually hit Chronozon with a Wind Blast, Water Blast, Earth Blast, and Fire Blast. When you do hit him with all of those spells, it will weaken him and make him a little easier. If you don't get all of the spells to hit, though, he won't die. When you finally do kill him, grab the crest piece and head out of there.

The Crest Reassembled Edit

Now that you have all three crest pieces, put them together to make the Family Crest and then make your way back to Varrock. Give the crest to Dimintheis who will be very, very pleased to have it back. Congratulations!

Quick GuideEdit

*When speaking to characters try to go through all the chat options to ensure you don't miss any steps. It is recommended to bring all the required quest items with you from the start of the quest along with some food and the following teleports if possible: Varrock, Camelot, Ardougne, Falador, Edgeville (Amulet of Glory), Al Kharid (Ring of Dueling).

1. Talk to Dimintheis in a house southeast of the east bank in Varrock.

2. Head to Catherby and talk to Caleb in one of the buildings north of the bank, give him Shrimp, Salmon, Tuna, Bass and Swordfish to receive the first crest piece. Speak to him AGAIN after giving him them.

3. (Ring of Dueling - Duel Arena teleport) Speak to the Gem Trader in Al Kharid.

4. Go north of the Gem Trader to the scorpion mining pit, and speak to the 'Man' with the yellow cape there (Avan).

5. Teleport to Falador, head down the Dwarven Mines entrance at the east of the city. Once inside head to the North-west of the mine where the anvils and dwarven NPC's are, and speak to a character named Boot, who is found a bit west from the anvils.

6. Teleport to Ardougne, head east and go down the dungeon near Witchaven and Ardougne ship port. (Dungeon symbol on world map).

7. Run through the dungeon (not through the wall). There is a north room, a south room, and a room in the middle east where hellhounds and the perfect gold ore is.

8. Go to the north wall and pull the lever (up), then the south room and pull that lever (up), back to the north wall and pull the lever (down), then go in the north room and pull that lever (up), go outside and pull the lever on the north wall (up), then pull the lever in the south room (down).

9. Now go into the hellhound room and mine 2 perfect gold ores.

10. Now go to a furnace (Falador/Al Kharid) smelt the ores into bars, then use the bars on the furnace again and make one Ruby Necklace and one Ruby Ring with the rubies and moulds in your inventory.

11. Go back to the 'Man' (Avan) and give him the jewellery to receive the second crest piece.

12. Teleport to Varrock, and head north east to the Jolly Boar Inn. Once there, go upstairs and speak to Johnathon. After speaking to him, right-click and use your anti-poison potion on him and he will tell you where the last piece is.

13. Go to Edgeville (Amulet of Glory teleport), and get ready for a fight, bring runes for each of the four blast spells as you need to HIT with each spell at least once. Maging is recommended as Chronozon is quite easy to kill and you can safespot without taking any damage. There are poison spiders in the dungeon which can poison you so anti-poison is recommended. Chronozon's area is part of the Wilderness and other players can attack you there.

14. Go south of Edgeville bank and head down to ladder to the dungeon, navigate through the dungeon and go through the gate where Chaos druids are, go west past them through another gate and the Chronozon is south of the black demons. He is pretty easy to safespot behind the rocks, cast each blast spell on the Chronozon and make sure they all hit damage, then finish him off how you like and take the last crest piece.

15. Use the crest pieces together to form the family crest and head back to Dimintheis in Varrock to finish the quest.

Reward Edit

Family crest reward scroll

The Steel Gauntlets on their own don't seem that impressive, but they do have a very useful ability. You can take them to any of the three brothers and have him imbue them with a *special ability. Be careful choosing, though, since you can only have one effect at a time, and it will cost 25,000 coins to change them. To change effects, just take them to the brother whose effect you want. If you lose the gauntlets, Dimentheis will have "magically" found them again and will give them back.

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