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Location on World Map
Gu'Tanoth Feldip Jungle Karamja

The Feldip Jungle features heavily in the Hunter skill. It is located south of the Feldip Hills, which, in turn, are south of Yanille.

Map Edit

Feldip jungle3 Feldip jungle4

Travel Edit

  • Buy a Teleport Scroll from the Grand Exchange Called Feldip hills teleport
  • A Gnome Glider ends just north of this area, you must have completed One Small Favour to be able to use this route.
  • Fairy ring code AKS lands just north of this area.
  • Alternatively, you could walk from Yanille or Castle Wars, but it is a considerable distance compared with the other two teleport options.

Creatures Edit

All the creatures in this area are involved with the Hunter skill, there are

  • Crimson Swifts (Bird snare, hunter lvl 1)
  • Tropical Wagtails (Bird snare, hunter lvl 19)
  • Red Chinchompas (Box-trap, hunter lvl 63)
  • Feldip Weasels (Tracking, hunter lvl 7)
  • Barb-Tailed Kebbits (Deadfall trap, hunter lvl 33)
  • Spined Larupias (Pit-falls, hunter lvl 31)
  • Black Warlock Butterflies (Net/Jar, hunter lvl 45)

See the Hunter skill page for more information on how to hunt these types of creature and the experience gained for each.

Personalities Edit

  • The Master Hunter may be found here, she gives advice, and if you attain 99 hunter, you may claim a cape of achievement from her.

Music Edit

  • Jungle Hunt

See also Edit

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