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Location on World Map
Gu'Tanoth Feldip Jungle Karamja

The Feldip Jungle features heavily in the Hunter skill. It is located south of the Feldip Hills, which, in turn, are south of Yanille.


Feldip Hunter area map



All the creatures in this area are involved with the Hunter skill; they are:

Creature Technique Hunter level
Crimson swiftBird snare1
Feldip WeaselTracking7
Tropical wagtailBird snare19
Spined larupiaPitfall31
Barb-tailed kebbitDeadfall trap33
Black warlockButterfly net and jar45
Carnivorous chinchompaBox trap63

See the Hunter skill page for more information on how to hunt these types of creature and the experience gained for each.



  • Jungle Hunt

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