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Fertile Soil

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87 Magic XP 18 Farming XP


2Nature rune3Astral rune15Earth rune


Lunar Diplomacy

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Fertile Soil is a Lunar spell that can treat any targeted Farming patch with supercompost. Doing so will award you 87 magic experience, plus 18 farming experience. The spell can work on a patch if it has something growing on it and wasn't treated before. If a patch has something that's finished growing, the spell will not work and yields the message "Composting it isn't going to make it any bigger." The spell can be used on a patch at any growing stage, as well as before planting seeds, but it is recommended to use it right before/after you plant the seeds to save time, and also to lower chances of disease, and higher chances of getting a better yield from the patch.

If the spell is used on a Compost Bin, a message will pop up that says "No, that would be silly."

If used on anything other than a farming patch, your character will say "Um... I don't want to fertilize that!"


Spell cost
15Earth rune2Nature rune3Astral rune1,116
Combo runes
2Nature rune3Astral rune15Dust rune1,086
2Nature rune3Astral rune15Mud rune4,821
2Nature rune3Astral rune15Lava rune1,086
2Nature rune3Astral runeStaff of earth1,041
2Nature rune3Astral runeDust battlestaff1,041
2Nature rune3Astral runeMud battlestaff1,041
2Nature rune3Astral runeLava battlestaff1,041

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