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Instruction manual
This is the quick guide for Fight Arena.
For a more in-depth version, click here.


Start point Quest Talk to Lady Servil. She is just south-west of the Monastery that is south of Ardougne.
Official difficulty Experienced
Description None
Length Short
  • Able to defeat level 44, 63, and 137 enemies (all can be safespotted)
Items required
Enemies to defeat


Starting the QuestEdit

  • Talk to Lady Servil in the northwest corner of the fight arena.
  • Go to the house in the northeast corner of the arena and search the chest for Khazard armour
  • Equip the armour and head south into the prison. (Do not unequip the armour inside!)

Inside the ArenaEdit

  • Talk to the Khazard Guard in the southeast corner of the jail. (Don't attack him!)
  • Go to the bar to the west of the jail and buy a Khali brew for five coins.
  • Go back to the jail and offer the brew to the guard to get the keys.
  • Prepare for a fight, ranged/mage recommended to safespot, or the Protect from melee prayer.
  • Use the keys on Jeremy's prison door (the most northeasteren cell) to free him.

The BattlesEdit

  • Kill the Khazard Ogre (level 63). (If the fight doesn't start, talk to Justin)
  • Get locked up again and talk to your cellmate.
  • Kill the Khazard scorpion (level 44).
  • Kill Bouncer (level 137).
  • Kill General Khazard (level 112) or run away through the door in the corner of the arena.
  • Return to Lady Servil.
  • Quest Complete!

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