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Flames of Zamorak

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2Blood rune4Fire rune1Air rune


Mage Arena

Flames of Zamorak

Flames of Zamorak is a combat spell in the standard spellbook requiring 60 Magic and completion of the Mage Arena activity to cast. A player can cast this spell only while wielding the Zamorak staff or the (Toxic) Staff of the dead at the cost of 2 Blood runes, 4 Fire runes, and 1 Air rune. This spell can only be auto-cast while wielding the (Toxic) Staff of the dead.

Contrary to popular belief, Flames of Zamorak does not intrinsically hit any harder than any of the other God Spells. However, it is one of the highest hitting spells in the regular spellbook. When this spell successfully hits a player, it decreases their Magic level by 5% but the decrease does not stack. Since Magic level does affect magic defence though, this does cause the subsequent attacks to be more accurate, but the max hit will not be increased.

The base max hit of this spell without modifiers is 20. However, when a player casts the Charge spell, the base max hit is increased to 30. With a Staff of the dead and an Occult Necklace, Slayer helm (i) and Tormented bracelet the maximum hit is a 44. The Tome of Fire has no effect on this spell but the unlimited fire runes apply.


Spell cost
4Fire rune2Blood rune1Air rune613
Combo runes
4Fire rune2Blood rune1Dust rune610
2Blood rune1Air rune4Lava rune609
2Blood rune4Smoke rune676
2Blood rune1Air rune4Steam rune977
4Fire rune2Blood rune1Mist rune632

Note that since Flames of Zamorak requires a Zamorak Staff or (Toxic) Staff of the Dead, rune-providing staves cannot be used.

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