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Enlightened Journey balloon test

Flash mob destroying an origami balloon.

The Flash Mob is an angry mob that appears on Entrana during the Enlightened Journey quest.

According to Auguste, the Flash Mob was placed on Gielinor by the gods to ensure that technology never advanced too far. During the quest, the flash mob destroys the players' origami balloon because they fear it is too advanced. However, the factuality of this is doubtful as they are not seen anywhere else, and was most likely just a joke by Jagex.

Known MembersEdit

  • Moe
  • Curly
  • Larry
  • Bob


  • The members of the mob that appear in the quest share the names of the original main characters in the Three Stooges TV series. The fourth is likely named for Bob the Jagex Cat.
  • Cyclopes in Arcanists tutorial (FunOrb game) have the same names.
  • The flash mob is based on the common peasants and villagers seen in movies either blaming wizards or burning down towers or calling out "WITCH" and are used to show a stereotypical view of people of the time.

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