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Quests for Crafting Experience Edit

Potter's wheel and Potter's kiln locations Edit

Barbarian Village: medium distance to closest bank (West Varrock bank). No clay rocks or water source nearby (as clay rocks and water well added after 2007 in RS2).

Crafting Guild: no bank nearby, but clay rocks and water source nearby.

Ultimate Ironman Edit

Until level 40, you can mine clay in West Varrock mine, boat up to Edgeville, use well as a water source, then walk down to Barbarian village wheel and kiln, then boat back down to Champion Guild/West Varrock mine. Yields 650-720 exp per run, depending on how much equipment you're carrying.

After level 40, use the crafting guild.

Common training methods Edit

Level required Method Experience Materials Material cost Product price Profit/loss
18 Crafting leather chaps 27 Soft leather x 1 221 1 -220
28 Crafting hardleather bodies 35 Hard leather x 1 212 7 -205
8 Making bowls 33 Soft clay x 1 201 20 -181
8 Smelting unstrung gold amulets 30 Gold bar x 1 79 145 66
23 Smelting tiaras 52.5 Silver bar x 1 83 33 -50
20 Cutting sapphires 50 Uncut sapphire x 1 1,621 1,339 -282
27 Cutting emeralds 67.5 Uncut emerald x 1 912 466 -446
34 Cutting rubies 85 Uncut ruby x 1 1,909 1,180 -729
43 Cutting diamonds 107.5 Uncut diamond x 1 3,911 2,137 -1,774

Levels 1-99Edit



This guide assumes all products are formed & fired.




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