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For a list of every task sorted by certain requirements, see Achievement Diary/All achievements.

Fremennik Diary
Release date 5 March 2015 (Update)
Area(s) Rellekka, Lunar Isle, Jatizso, Neitiznot, Keldagrim, God Wars Dungeon, Troll Stronghold
Members only? Yes
Item Reward Boots
Lamp XP rewards 2,500
Taskmaster(s) Thorodin
Levels required
Total level: 1041
Attack-icon ---- Hitpoints-icon ---- Mining-icon 70
Strength-icon 70 Agility-icon 80 Smithing-icon 60
Defence-icon ---- Herblore-icon 66 Fishing-icon ----
Ranged-icon 70 Thieving-icon 75 Cooking-icon ----
Prayer-icon ---- Crafting-icon 80 Firemaking-icon 15
Magic-icon 72 Fletching-icon ---- Woodcutting-icon 56
Runecrafting-icon 82 Slayer-icon 83 Farming-icon ----
Construction-icon 37 Hunter-icon 55
Combat-icon 52
Quest-icon ----

The Fremennik Diary is a set of achievement diaries relating to the Fremennik Province and its surrounding area, released on 5 March 2015.

Thorodin location

Thorodin's location

To begin the diaries, you must speak to Thorodin found west of the Rellekka house portal. He is marked by a green star icon Task map icon on the minimap.

To complete all of the tasks, players will need the stats shown to the right.

Please note you must do the easy tasks first in order to claim rewards from medium, hard or elite.


Items Required
Skills Needed
Quests required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)


Items Needed
1. Catch a Cerulean twitch. None 11 Hunter-icon Bird snare
2. Change your boots at Yrsa's Shoe Store. Fremennik Trials None 500 coins. (Simply browsing her regular clothing store can be enough to complete this task.)
3. Kill 5 Rock crabs. None None None (food if low level)
4. Craft a tiara from scratch in Rellekka. Fremennik Trials 23 Crafting-icon, 20 Mining-icon20 Smithing-icon Tiara mould, Any pickaxe, mine the silver ore from the Rellekka Mine located on the east side of Rellekka, a few steps north east of the agility shortcut. (An iron pickaxe can be obtained from north of the Rellekka mine). Superheating will not work.

DO NOT USE YOUR SILVER ORE ON THE FURNACE. Click the furnace and select 'Smelt Silver Bar'. Then use the bar on the furnace again with the mould in your inventory.

5. Browse the Stonemasons shop. (located southeast of Bank and tavern in West Keldagrim) Started The Giant Dwarf None None
6. Collect 5 Snape grass on Waterbirth Island. Optional Fremennik Trials None 1,000 coins if The Fremennik Trials is not completed. You may pick up 1-2, drop them and pick them up again.
7. Steal from the Keldagrim crafting or baker's stall. Started The Giant Dwarf 5 Thieving-icon None
8. Fill a bucket with water at the Rellekka well. None None Bucket (A Bucket of milk can be obtained slightly northeast of the well, just empty out the milk)
9. Enter the Troll Stronghold. Troll Stronghold and Death Plateau None Trollheim Teleport if Eadgar's Ruse is completed (61 Magic-icon), otherwise Climbing Boots.
10. Chop and burn some oak logs in the Fremmenik Province. None 15 Woodcutting-icon, 15 Firemaking-icon Any Axe, Tinderbox



Items Required
Skills Needed
Quests required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)


Items Needed
1. Slay a Brine rat. Started Olaf's Quest 47 Slayer-icon Any Weapon, Spade, Food. (It is not required to finish the quest to gain access to the Brine Rats).
2. Travel to the Snowy Hunter Area via Eagle. Eagles' Peak None Rope
3. Mine some coal in Rellekka. Fremennik Trials 30 Mining-icon Any pickaxe (An iron pickaxe can be

obtained from north of the rellekka mine)

4. Steal from the Rellekka Fish stalls Fremennik Trials 42 Thieving-icon None
5. Travel to Miscellania by Fairy ring. Started Fairytale II - Cure a Queen None Dramen staff or Lunar staff,

Fairy ring code: C•I•P

6. Catch a Snowy Knight None 35 Hunter-icon Butterfly net and butterfly jar
7. Pick up your pet rock from your POH Menagerie. Fremennik Trials 37 Construction-icon Pet rock. Enter your house in non-building mode, then use your pet rock on a pet house. Then you must retrieve the pet rock off the ground (by left-clicking it). Taking it from the "stored pets" interface on the pet house will not complete the diary task.
8. Visit the Lighthouse from Waterbirth Island Horror from the Deep,

Optional Fremennik Trials

None A Pet rock or another player is required in order to open the doors in the Waterbirth Island dungeon.

NOTE: Read the first paragraph of Sublevel 2-6 before attempting this task. Also, If soloing - Bring Rune Thrownaxe and use the Special Attack on the prop.

Take the normal route to the Dagannoth Kings. DO NOT go down the ladder to the boss room. Instead, run past the ladder and go further through the tunnels until you find the ladder to the lighthouse.

Food, armour, energy potions, prayer potions, 43 Prayer-icon, and a ranged weapon (to shoot down a door blockade) are all highly recommended.

9. Mine some gold at the Arzinian Mine. Partial completion of Between a Rock... 40 Mining-icon Any pickaxe, Gold helmet, 2 gold coins (if not wearing ring of Charos (a) ).



Items Required
Skills Needed
Quests required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)


Items Needed
1. Teleport to Trollheim. Eadgar's Ruse 61 Magic-icon 2 law runes, 2 fire runes
2. Catch a Sabre-toothed Kyatt. None 55 Hunter-icon (can be boosted) Teasing stick, logs or axe, knife
3. Mix a Super defence potion in the Fremennik province. None 66 Herblore-icon (can be boosted) Vial of water, cadantine, white berries; cadantine potion (unf) with white berries also works
4. Steal from the Keldagrim Gem Stall. (Started)The Giant Dwarf 75 Thieving-icon (can be boosted) None
5. Craft a Fremennik shield on Neitznot. Fremennik Isles 56 Woodcutting-icon Any axe, two Arctic pine logs, hammer, 1 rope, 1 bronze nail.

(axe and hammer can be bought from Neitiznot)

6. Mine 5 Adamantite ores on Jatizso. Fremennik Isles 70 Mining-icon (can be boosted) Any pickaxe.

Note: four adamantite ores spawns are located near to the entrance inside of the mine. More can be located near ice trolls. Food and armour is recommended if you go there. Hopping WILL NO LONGER reset the counter.

7. Obtain 100% support from your kingdom subjects. Throne of Miscellania None Depending on how you're going to raise support, rake, pickaxe, axe and/or lobster cage, (it is recommended to use a rake or axe for fastest Favour)
8. Teleport to Waterbirth Island. Lunar Diplomacy 72 Magic-icon 1Law rune2Astral rune1Water rune
9. Obtain the Blast Furnace Foreman's permission to use the Blast Furnace for free. The Giant Dwarf 60 Smithing-icon (cannot be boosted)


Note: Right-clicking and choosing the 'Pay' option DOES NOT work. You have to go through the dialogue by saying you have level 60 smithing.



Items Required
Skills Needed
  • High combat level
Quests required
Task Quest(s) Needed Skill(s)


Items Needed
1. Kill each of the Dagannoth Kings None High combat Supplies to kill all three Dagannoth Kings
2. Craft 56 astral runes at once Lunar Diplomacy 82 Runecrafting-icon 28 pure essence
3. Create a dragonstone amulet in the Neitiznot furnace Started The Fremennik Isles 80 Crafting-icon(can be boosted) Dragonstone, gold bar, amulet mould
4. Complete a lap of the Rellekka Agility Course None 80 Agility-icon None
5. Kill each of the God Wars Dungeon generals Troll Stronghold 70 Agility-icon, 70 Strength-icon, 70 Hitpoints-icon, 70 Ranged-icon

Supplies to kill the God Wars Dungeon generals, High Multicombat Recommended

6. Slay a Spiritual mage within the God Wars Dungeon. Troll Stronghold 83 Slayer-icon Combat equipment


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