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Fruit trees are fruit bearing trees that can be grown using the Farming skill, although some also grow naturally on tropical islands such as Karamja. The necessary seeds to grow them must be obtained from bird's nests or other sources, added to a plant pot filled with dirt, watered, and then planted in a fruit tree patch. Level 27 Farming is needed to start planting apple trees, the lowest requirement to grow a fruit tree, and level 68 Farming is needed for palm trees, the highest requirement to grow a fruit tree. Sources of seeds may be found in the Farming skill guide.

Fully-grown fruit trees will bear fruit which can be picked by players. Fruits have various uses, including being a common ingredient in Gnome cooking as well as an ingredient in a few other items which players can make using the Cooking skill. Some fruits are also used as ingredients in potions made using the Herblore skill.

Growing a healthy fruit tree is required for various achievement diaries.


NameSeedLevelExp for plantingExp for checkingExp for harvestingGrow timeProduceGardener price
Apple tree Apple tree seed 27221199.58.5

16 hours (6 x 160 minutes)

Apple9x Sweetcorn
Banana tree Banana tree seed 33281750.510.516 hours (6 x 160 minutes)Banana4x Basket of Apples
Orange tree Orange tree seed 3935247013.516 hours (6 x 160 minutes)Orange3x Basket of strawberries
Curry tree Curry tree seed 424029071516 hours (6 x 160 minutes)Curry leaf5x Basket of bananas
Pineapple plant Pineapple seed 51574605.721.516 hours (6 x 160 minutes)Pineapple10x Watermelon
Papaya tree Papaya tree seed 57726146.42716 hours (6 x 160 minutes)Papaya fruit10x Pineapple
Palm tree Palm tree seed 68110.510150.141.516 hours (6 x 160 minutes)Coconut

15x Papaya fruit

Locations and optimal methods of travels

Full list of all patches and closest teleports can be found here.

Fastest Fairy rings access guide can be found here.

Note: Remember that many of these methods of travels have various requirements so do click on their links to know more about the requirements and additional useful information.

  • Gnome Stronghold: East of Spirit Tree
    • Fastest way: Slayer ring teleport to Stronghold Slayer Cave and travel east to the Agility Training Area and travel north towards the patch.
    • Spirit tree teleport to the Gnome Stronghold and travel east towards the patch
  • North west of Tree Gnome Village: outside of the maze
    • Fastest way: Spirit tree teleport to Tree Gnome Village and talk to Elkoy (he is outside of the fence where you need to squeeze through south west of the Tree Gnome Village) will guide players out of the maze placing then travel slightly south west to get to the patch. It should be noted that you have to have had started the Tree Gnome Village quest for Elkoy to escort you.
    • Fairy ring code ciq and travel west then north along the perimeter of the Tree Gnome Village Maze to the patch.

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