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This is a complete guide to killing General Graardor with Melee and Ranged. Although General Graardor may be considered the easiest God Wars Dungeon boss, caution should be exercised at all times. This guide will take you through everything you'll need to know about attacking and tanking, showing a wide range of high and low level gear setups.


Quest Requirements:


*Highly recommended

Getting KillcountEdit

Bandosian killcount is by far the easiest to obtain out of all of the four factions. There are three sets of extremely weak goblins (three outside Bandos' Stronghold; one is directly outside the door while there are two more south and east of that group respectively). The goblins will always attack nearby Zamorakian followers; the east group dies extremely fast, as the nearby gorak tends to kill them in a few hits. Their low health means that the player can easily kill them in one hit.

If the goblins are crowded by other players getting killcount, the player can settle for the Hobgoblins south of the goblin group north of the dungeon exit. These hobgoblins are aggressive towards nearby Zamorakian followers and will survive longer then the goblins, but still die at a fairly decent rate for killcount.


  • Always keep your health at 50 or higher when tanking. This is because you will be praying melee to avoid Graardor's crushing melee attacks. Even then, Graardor's ranged attack is very powerful (still weaker than melee), being very accurate and often hitting very high, which could get you combo'ed out from the sergeants.
    • In addition, when tanking, attack Graardor twice, then go under him or run away. This will prevent Graardor from attacking as often since he has to move out of the player/go to them and make him waste game ticks to attack the player.
  • Experienced players can "tick eat"; tick eating is basically eating and surviving damage that would have normally killed the player. Tick eating will require the player to prayer flick between all three forms of combat, so it is required to have all three sergeants attack on different ticks, otherwise they will kill the player. Move under Graardor and pray flick range/magic, and then flick to melee and attack Graardor. If Graardor attacks with ranged, immediately eat food or drink a dose of Saradomin brew before the shockwave reaches you.
  • A Serpentine helmet is recommended for soloers, since it has a 25% chance of envenoming the sergeants and will severely weaken them by the time Graardor dies.
  • Bones to Peaches tabs can help extend trips, since you will get 24 free hitpoints worth of food from the bones of the three sergeants. The sergeants also drop chilli potatoes and sharks to help extend trips and should be "juggled" if there is an excess amount of food.
    • Guthan's can also be brought along, but only for group trips since you will take too much damage to use it efficiently when soloing.

Level requirementsEdit

These are the bare minimum you'll need to scratch up a few kills.


Having 70 Prayer and Piety unlocked is highly recommended; otherwise, it is difficult to deal good damage. Chivalry is second to Piety, and only having a 60 Prayer requirement, it is used by lower levels. Ranged tanks and attackers will only need 44 Prayer to be sufficient. If ranging or do not have access to Chivalry/Piety, Steel Skin is recommended to reduce the chances of getting damaged.

Magic Edit

Your Magic Defence is calculated by 70% of your Magic level and 30% of your Defence level and Magic Defence gear like dragonhide armour helps a lot too to help dodge Sergeant Steelwill's attacks.

  • 90 Multicombat
  • 75 Hitpoints-icon
  • 80 Strength-icon
  • 75 Attack-icon
  • 70 Defence-icon
  • 70 Magic-icon

  • 105+ Multicombat
  • 85+ Hitpoints-icon
  • 90+ Strength-icon
  • 85+ Attack-icon
  • 75+ Defence-icon
  • 85+ Magic-icon

  • 110+ Multicombat
  • 95+ Hitpoints-icon
  • 90+ Strength-icon
  • 80+ Attack-icon
  • 90+ Defence-icon
  • 90+ Magic-icon

  • 105+ Multicombat
  • 95+ Hitpoints-icon
  • 90+ Ranged-icon
  • 90+ Defence-icon
  • 90+ Magic-icon

Ecumenical keysEdit

An ecumencial key allows the player to skip killcount and access the boss room immediately. Getting Bandosian killcount is extremely easy, so a key is not needed. You should have the maximum amount of keys you can have (3-5 depending on your Wilderness diary progress) to quickly access the boss chamber again incase you die, including any potential disconnects.


As in all God Wars general rooms, there is an altar that restores prayer points, but players must wait 10 minutes before using again. Use it only when you need to! The altar can teleport players out of the room, but will drop them right outside the door leading to the boss chamber, so remember to equip Bandos items so you are not mobbed by the Bandosian followers outside.

Getting thereEdit

Click here for a guide on getting to the God Wars Dungeon.

  • Don't forget to use the drop trick!
  • If this is your first time coming, you will need to bring a rope. In the setups below, take a rope to replace your empty inventory space.

Attackers GuideEdit

As an attacker, it's your goal to do the most damage. Only ever attack General Graardor once the tank has attacked; otherwise, Graardor will focus on you for the whole kill instead. Once Graardor is dead, you need to attack Sergeant Steelwill. If nobody needs to heal with Guthan's, then it is safe to kill Sergeant Strongstack and then Sergeant Grimspike. When the chamber is clear, it is safe to collect bones. Ask the tank for some Bones to Peaches tab he brought for everyone; you will need to trade the tank supplies he requests. When everyone is done, run into the northwest corner. General Graardor will spawn furthest from the DPS, and this makes it easier for the tank.

Ranged Attacker GuideEdit

As a Ranged attacker, you have to try to do the most DPS as a ranger. Like all other attackers, you will be focusing to deal as much damage quickly to Graardor to prevent him from dealing too much damage to the tanker.

Graardor has the same defence bonuses against ranged like melee (+90). It is recommended to bring a Toxic blowpipe with at least Steel darts (Dragon is the best but very expensive). Since you will already have good magic defence bonuses, and be praying from ranged attacks, only Sergeant Strongstack will be an issue. If you cannot use a blowpipe (either a lack of ranged level or cannot maintain it), a rune or armadyl crossbow with Diamond bolts (e) is recommended instead.

You will only need 44 Prayer (although its recommended to have a higher prayer level) to use Eagle Eye and increase your accuracy/damage against Graardor.

Tank/Ranged Tank GuideEdit

As a tanker, your job is to aggro the boss and take damage. Your job is to keep General Graardor on you at all times; the second he spawns, you need to turn your quick prayers on and engage with haste. Once Graardor is dead, you need to attack Sergeant Steelwill. If nobody needs to heal with Guthan's, then it is safe to kill Sergeant Strongstack and then Sergeant Grimspike. When the chamber is clear, it is safe to collect bones. You will need to trade your team some Bones to Peaches tabs, and in return, they will get you any supplies that you will need. When everyone is done, stand a little north-east of the room's entrance, and be ready for the next round.


Note: If you have a General Graardor slayer task, replace your helmet with the Slayer helmet (or imbued variant) to increase your accuracy and damage output.

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