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Reason: The formula for how much your selling price decreases after every item you sell appears to be incorrect. I tested it at a store that bought for high alchemy value (the west ardougne general store), and it appeared that it didn't take 17-18 items to get it to 25% of the low alch value (as was previously stated), but instead it appeared to be around 35 items to get it to 25% of the low alch price. So either the decline of price decreases for each item exponentially or something like that, or the formula isn't correct. I can't be bothered coming up with my own calculations since i'm afraid I may end up making a mistake.

If somebody could change or expand on this through and edit, it'd be great.
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The general store is a type of shop placed in many locations in RuneScape. Unlike a specialty shop, it accepts all tradeable items. The general store is identified on the map by a pot General store icon icon.


General store

A typical general store.

Each general store carries a few commonly used, inexpensive items. It rarely runs out of these items for long, as they tend to restock quickly. The following is the most conventional inventory for a general store:

Most general stores available in the free-to-play map area also carry the following:

Other common items for the general store include:

Anything goesEdit

Lumbridge General Store stock

The stock of a typical general store.

In addition to regular stock, players may sell any tradeable item to a store, so the general store in each town will often have a stock of the local specialty, though any item can be sold to any location. A player can buy any item in the general store that he/she wants if they have enough money. Bargains may sometimes be found from players unaware of typically higher street prices, or in too much of a hurry to find a buyer.

Sell PricesEdit

When selling to a general store, the price when it has no stock of that item is two-thirds of the specialty shop price at normal stock, i.e. it is the Low Level Alchemy price of the item.

The price or coins a player receives is reduced from Low Level Alchemy price to 25% of the Low Level Alchemy price after 10 items, each item decreasing the price by 10% of 75% of the Low Level Alchemy price.

For example, Tiara has a Low Alch price of 40 GP so the first tiara is sold for that. The lowest price that tiaras go for is 25% of Low Alch price which is 10 GP. Each sold tiara decreases the price by (40-10)/10 GP = 3 GP.

Note: The general store in West ardougne (West Ardougne general store, located south-west in west ardougne), the wilderness Bandit camp (Bandit duty free general store) and in Burthorpe (Martin Thwait's Lost and Found, located in the Rogue's den. This one is closest to a bank) will buy items at a high alchemy price as opposed to the normal store price.

General Stores LocationsEdit


In the General store there are shop keepers and shop assistants. When you right click on one of them you can choose either talk to (for a longer way to get in), or trade (to go straight to the market).

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