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Gertrude's Cat (#49)
Gertrude's Cat
Members only? Yes
Release date 28 July 2003 (Update)
Quest series None
Official difficulty Novice
Official length Short
Developer Tom W
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Start point Quest Go to Gertrude's house which is just west of Varrock.
Official difficulty Novice
Description Gertrude has lost her cat Fluffs and desperately wants to find her. Can you help bring her home?
Length Short
Requirements None
Items required
Enemies to defeat None

Walkthrough Edit

Gertrude chathead

Starting out Edit

Items required: 100 coins.

Speak to Gertrude (located in her house west of Varrock; south of the Cooking Guild), and she will tell you that she has lost her cat, Fluffs. Gertrude will ask you to go and speak to her two children, Shilop and Wilough, who can be found in Varrock Square.

Note: Before you leave Gertrude's house, pick up some doogle leaves from behind her house to save time later on.

Make your way to the square in central Varrock, and talk to either of the two boys. They will tell you about their secret playground. However, they will not give the location until they get something in return. Players must then give them 100 coins to not only get the location, but in order to be able to progress any further.

Head for the Lumber Yard, which can be found north-east of Varrock. Don't forget to bring a raw sardine, bucket of milk, and a doogle leaf.

Gertrudes cat mother

Fluff, located on the 1st floor Lumberyard.(Second, if you're an American.)

The Secret Playground (Lumber Yard) Edit

Items required: Raw sardine, bucket of milk, and doogle leaves.

Once you are at the Lumber Yard, climb over the fence near the south entrance. Head to the middle of the yard and climb up a ladder. You will find Gertrude's cat. First, try to pick up the cat. She will hiss at you. Then, use your bucket of milk on her. Try to pick her up again. She will still refuse to move. Use the doogle leaves that you have picked up earlier on the raw sardine. This will give you a seasoned sardine. Give Fluffs the seasoned sardine.

Feline Rescue Edit

Items required: Varrock teleport (optional but recommended).

Now, go down the ladder and search through the nearby crates. You should see the yellow "Mew" above them. These crates will be highlighted as yellow opposed to blue. Go through every nearby yellow crate until you find Fluff's kitten. Once the kitten is in your inventory, go back up the ladder and use her on Gertrude's cat. Don't drop the kitten as you normally would to place a pet. It will run away and you will have to find it again. After doing this, you will get a message saying the kitten has run off with its mother to Gertrude. Return to Gertrude to complete the quest. Congratulations!

Reward Edit

Gertrude's Cat reward scroll

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